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Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual Page 41

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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Adjust the ram downward and cycle the press. Check the tonnage displays on
your calibration unit. Keep cycling the press and adjusting the ram downward
until you are at the tonnage you want.
Do not overload the press by bringing the ram too far down at
once. You may stick the press on bottom! Bring the load up
gradually. Load cells are extremely stiff compared to normal
material used for making parts. Unlike softer material, they
provide no compressive cushion to bring the ram through
bottom dead center if you over-adjust.
For two cell calibration, check the left and right load cell readouts. Make sure
they display equal tonnage ± 2%.
If one load cell reading is not equal to the other, add shim stock to the load cell
that shows the lower tonnage. Cycle the press. Recheck tonnage. If tonnage is still
not equal, add more shim stock until tonnage is equal.
When tonnage is correct, lock the shut height adjustment.
Check to make sure the load cells, shims, and parallels will not move during
calibration. If using the WLA as the calibration unit, zero it first, then recheck tonnage.
If using the AutoSet calibration kit, recheck tonnage (no zeroing is required). See if
there has been a decrease in tonnage on the load cells. If so, re-adjust the press to the
correct tonnage. Be sure to lock the shut height again if you had to adjust tonnage.
Your calibration unit should now display the tonnage you are using for calibration.
Your objective from this point on is to adjust the AutoSet so it reads the same
tonnage as displayed on the calibration unit. At this point, your AutoSet and strain
links must be installed (as described in Chapter 2) with all wiring completed.
Open the front cover of the AutoSet control box. If necessary, familiarize yourself
with the location of the switches and dials you see inside the box.
Figure 2-2 in Chapter 2 is a drawing of the components. If necessary, use it to
locate the dials and switches which will be mentioned in the following steps.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
Do not stick press on bottom
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