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Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual Page 45

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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If tonnage is greater on AutoSet than on your calibration unit, turn the
potentiometer screw on R17 counterclockwise. Cycle the press to see the new
tonnage displayed.
You must stroke the press after each adjustment. Otherwise,
the display will not change.
Continue cycling the press and adjusting AutoSet until the tonnages on the calibra-
tion unit and AutoSet match. The potentiometer screw has a 25-turn limit. You may
need to turn it quite a few times to make the adjustment. When the display shows
the correct tonnage, stop. You are done calibrating the left input. Go to Step 7.
NOTE: If you are using the WLA as the calibration unit, remember to zero the
WLA (as mentioned earlier) after every stroke so a new tonnage is recorded. Do
this just in case tonnage on the load cell changes for any reason.
If tonnage is less on AutoSet than on your calibration unit, turn the screw clock-
wise while cycling the press and watching the left display. (If you fail to see any
tonnage displayed on AutoSet, do not worry. Just keep turning the screw
clockwise while cycling the press, and tonnage will begin to appear.)
Continue adjusting AutoSet tonnage upward. If you get the tonnage on AutoSet to
match, you are done. Go to Step 7.
If you reach the end of the adjustment (tonnage display will not change anymore)
and the tonnage is still less than the tonnage on your calibration unit, you must set
the jumper described in Step 3 to high gain. First turn power to AutoSet off. Pull
the jumper straight out and place it over the right and center pins. See Figure 3-8.
Turn power on and cycle the press.
You will now probably see a tonnage much higher than what you want. Also, it is
likely that the load displays will be flashing because tonnage is now over 120% of
full scale. If so, press the reset button momentarily. The displays will stop flashing.
Then turn the screw counterclockwise and keep cycling the press until tonnages
match. Reset the unit any time the displays flash. Keep adjusting tonnage downward.
When tonnage on AutoSet matches tonnage on your calibration unit, you are done.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
If you are using only one load cell, make sure you divide
the load cell tonnage shown on your calibration unit in half
and use that figure as the tonnage for each AutoSet
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