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Chapter 3 Autoset 1500 Calibration; Calibration - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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Chapter 3
AutoSet 1500 Calibration
This chapter explains calibration of AutoSet. Calibration means adjusting AutoSet 1500
so tonnage readings are accurate.
After calibration, the tonnage AutoSet displays will indicate the true tonnage applied by
the press. You must calibrate the AutoSet after installation and any time you move the
strain links to a different location on the press, restres the tie rods, or perform major
repair work to the press frame.
The calibration procedure consists of the following general steps:
(1) Zeroing the strain links. This means you adjust the strain links until they provide a
"zero" signalwith no load on the press. Once the strain links are set for 0 tons at no
load, they can properly record the tonnage developed once the press is under load.
(2) Applying a load to the press and measuring this load using load cells and a separate
calibration unit. You can use either another AutoSet calibration kit as the calibration
unit or Data Instruments' Wintriss Load Analyzer (WLA) calibration kit. How to use
both units is described in this chapter.
NOTE: Calibration with a hydraulic jack is also possible, although much less
accurate than load cells. It is also not as easy a procedure as using load cells. Data
Instruments does not recommend hydraulic jack calibration, and it is not covered in
this manual. For more information on hydraulic jack calibration, contact a Data
Instruments service representative.
(3) Setting the full scale tonnage of AutoSet to equal the maximum tonnage capacity of
your press. This lets AutoSet know the highest tonnage it will be recording.
(4) Adjusting AutoSet until its tonnage display agrees with the tonnage recorded on
your calibration unit. Once you do that, your AutoSet is reading the proper tonnage,
and it is ready for use.
The exact procedures for calibration follow.


Before starting calibration, make sure the press is adjusted to optimal condition – the
gib/ways adjustment should be correct and the ram should be parallel to the bed and tie
rod tension checked.
Data Instruments recommends calibrating the AutoSet at the tonnage the press will
normally operate. If you usually run between 60-90% of press capacity, for instance,
calibrate at 75% of capacity. For example, if the press is a 100 ton press, calibrate for 75
tons. Do not calibrate at less than 50% of press capacity.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
Ch 3


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