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Chapter 1 The Autoset ® 1500; How Autoset Will Benefit Your Operation - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

Wintriss two-channel load analyzer.
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Chapter 1
The AutoSet ® 1500
Your AutoSet 1500 load monitor from Data Instruments is a simple, easy-to-use load
monitor. It protects your press and dies from overloads without the need to change or
readjust settings from die to die. That is because the AutoSet 1500 creates load limits (or
setpoints) automatically—for any job. You never have to calculate and enter settings
yourself. With AutoSet, you get overload protection, and you are freed from the
repetitive process of calculating and setting new setpoints every time you change dies.

How AutoSet will benefit your operation

AutoSet provides these benefits for any press operation:
1. It identifies machine overloading. AutoSet helps reduce unnecessary wear on
load bearing components.
2. While AutoSet cannot anticipate a bad stroke, it can signal the press to stop
after a bad stroke occurs. This eliminates successive bad hits that can cause
catastrophic damage.
3. Tooling setups are more accurate because of the actual tonnage information
AutoSet provides. The correct information about tonnage can be stamped on
the die shoe, per OSHA regulation 1910.217 (d) (6) (i).
4. AutoSet can detect die malfunctions through tonnage variations and can there-
fore monitor misfeeds, slug stacking, misuse of stop blocks, increases in mate-
rial thickness and hardness, broken stripper springs, and broken punches in
the die. AutoSet makes it possible for one operator to monitor several presses
because it stops the press when these malfunctions are detected.
5. AutoSet helps you keep track of tonnage and tool wear so repairs to dies and
punches can be made on a schedule which permits more efficient use of the
press. This results in faster parts production and higher quality parts. You
know the tool is wearing if tonnage increases as the die is used again and
6. AutoSet enables better matching of dies to press capacity since it tells you the
exact tonnage produced for each die. Therefore you can avoid using large ca-
pacity presses for smaller jobs.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
Ch 1


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