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Connecting Ac Wiring And Stop Circuit - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

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Connecting AC wiring and stop circuit

Wiring connections for AC power and for the stop circuit are on the same connector. To
wire the connector, follow these steps.
Disconnect main power before installation. All power to the press, press control,
and other equipment used with the press must be off during installation. Also
"tag out" per OSHA 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/ Tagout).
Installation must be performed by qualified personnel only.
1. Determine how you will bring wiring from your 115 Vac power source (or 230V
source if applicable) to the control box. For 115 Vac, you need three wires—high
(black), neutral (white) and ground (green). No. 16 wire is recommended (No. 14
if local codes require it). For 230 Vac, wires are black and red with green or
green/yellow for ground.
2. Determine how you will connect the wires from AutoSet to your press control
stop circuit. You need two wires (No. 16 recommended, No. 14 if local codes re-
quire it). You should wire the AutoSet into the top stop circuit to avoid sticking
the press on bottom if AutoSet stops the press due to an overload.
NOTE: Top stop circuits are active only in continuous (automatic) operations on most
press controls. If overload protection is required during inch or single stroke mode,
you may have to install an additional control relay so AutoSet will stop the press.
3. Open the cover of the control box. See Figure 2-2 for a drawing of the inside of
the box. Near the top of the enclosure, you will see a metal cover. This cover
protects the power supply. Remove it by first unsnapping the two white plastic
plugs at the bottom of the cover (pull plug straight up). Then loosen the screw on
top. Remove the cover. You will see the connector for AC power and the stop
circuit at right.
Never apply power to AutoSet when the power supply cover is removed.
To prevent shock, always replace the cover before applying power.
4. Find the 115V-230V voltage selector switch. It's just below the power connection
to the left . It is a black rectangular box with a red handle and a cavity in the
middle. At the bottom of the cavity, you should see "115V." This is the factory
setting. This means AutoSet is set for 115 V operation.
If your AutoSet will be used with 230 Vac, push the red handle extending out of
the cavity towards you (away from top of the box). You will see 230 V displayed.
With the switch in this position, AutoSet will only work with 230 Vac power.
5. Run power and stop circuit wires through flexible liquid tight conduit to the box.
The AutoSet box is rated NEMA 12 (protected against dust and oil). You must
use conduit of the same rating and make proper connections to ensure NEMA 12
protection. Wires go through top right knockout hole. Leave a small service loop
inside box.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
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