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Appendix A Autoset 1500 Panel Mount; Standard Enclosure Versus Optional Panel Mount; Preparation For Mounting Autoset Using Your Enclosure; Final Assembly - Honeywell AutoSet 1500 User Manual

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Appendix A
AutoSet 1500 Panel Mount
This appendix explains how to install your AutoSet 1500 panel mount. Refer to Chapter
2 for the remainder of the installation steps.

Standard Enclosure versus Optional Panel Mount

AutoSet 1500 is available either with an enclosure or as a panel mount. The panel mount
can be mounted from the inside or outside. Be sure to allow at least 4" (10.2 cm) of
clearance behind the panel mounting plane to allow enough room for the electronics.

Preparation for mounting AutoSet using your enclosure

To prepare for mounting AutoSet 1500 using your panel enclosure, follow these steps:
1. Determine a convenient place to mount AutoSet 1500 into your panel enclosure.
Ideally it should be close to the press control so operators and setup personnel can
easily see the readouts and reach the keyboard.
2. Cut out a hole in your panel enclosure, and drill and tap fourteen holes for 1/4-20
screws. Refer to the drawings in Figure A-1 for mounting dimensions.
3. Prop AutoSet near the location where it will ultimately be mounted (see Figure A-1).
You can do this by connecting ty wraps from two of the left holes on the panel to the
corresponding holes on the enclosure for a hinge-like effect. Allow at least 9" of service
loop when performing the wiring connections. Also make sure all cables will reach.
4. Refer to Chapter 2 of the AutoSet 1500 user manual to complete the entire
AutoSet should be installed at a convenient height for all users. An ideal height
is to have the top edge of the unit approximately at chin level. Experiment to
determine a good height for everybody prior to wiring and mounting.

Final assembly

Once the final checkout has been confirmed and AutoSet is working satisfactorily while
it has been sitting outside the enclosure, you are ready to completely install the AutoSet
1500 panel mount into your enclosure.
Remember earlier you had cut out a hole in your panel enclosure. Mount the AutoSet
panel assembly into this cavity using fourteen 1/4-20 screws. Refer to Figure A-1 for
mounting and "cutout" dimensions for AutoSet 1500 panel and your enclosure.
AutoSet 1500 User Manual
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