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Battery Charging - Bosch Indego l Original Instructions Manual

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Learning the location of garden objects marked
out with the perimeter wire (see figure 17)
Once the Indego has the cutting area mapped it can start to
cut the grass. After pressing "Mowing" the Indego will leave
the docking station and start to cut the grass in parallel lanes.
For accuracy the parallel lanes are limited to approximately
10 m. It will continue cutting in these lanes until it completes
a section of the cutting area or until it discovers an object that
has been marked out using the perimeter wire.
Once an object is discovered the Indego will follow the perim-
eter wire around it to establish its shape. The Indego will then
drive to the perimeter wire at the edge of the cutting area to
confirm the location of the object within the garden map. The
Indego will then continue mowing. This process will be repeat-
ed if the Indego discovers additional objects whilst mowing.
The Indego will complete the mowing then return to the dock-
ing station.
Note: This process will be continued the 2nd time the Indego
cuts the grass. This is to make sure that all objects in the gar-
den are discovered and their location on the garden map is
accurately logged.
If there are no more objects in the garden the Indego will con-
tinue to cut the grass as normal.
Mowing mode (see figure 17)
Once the Indego has learnt the location of all the objects in the
garden it will mow the garden in an efficient parallel lane pat-
Dual Speed Cutting
If the Indego encounters deep or thick grass whilst cutting it
will automatically increase the RPM of the cutting system and
slow the drive speed until it has cut the area of higher grass.
Border Cutting Mode
The Indego will cut around the perimeter wire. The frequency
of the border cut can be selected. The default is set to every
fourth cutting slot.
Cutting Lane Proximity
The Indego cuts the lawn using parallel lanes up to 10 m in
length. The distance between the lanes is set to 20 cm but will
be reduced automatically if the grass hight increases. Once
the grass is cut the Indego will return to the default distance
between the lanes. This setting can be adjusted by the user in
the Indego menu.
F 016 L81 082 | (17.12.13)
Docking Station Control (Indego 1300)
The Indego 1300 docking station has additional function but-
tons to allow control of the Indego.
Home – When pressed the Home button instructs the Indego
to return home to the docking station.
Stop – When pressed the Stop button instructs the Indego to
stop operation.
After stopping the Indego the PIN code will need to be entered
to start it again.
The machine has following sensors:
– lift sensor, will be activated if the machine is lifted and
cause the machine and cutting blades to stop
– roll over sensor, will detect when the machine is inverted
and cause the machine and cutting blades to stop
– obstruction sensor, tactile detection for obstacle any-
where in the full width of the path of the machine and cause
the machine to change its direction
– tilt sensor, will be activated if the machine reaches an an-
gle of 45°
If one of the sensors is activated, such as lift sensor, the
screen will show a message, e. g. "Machine has been lifted.
Please enter PIN code to continue". The display switches into
sleep mode, if no input is made for 3 minutes. Press any but-
ton to reactivate the screen.
If the machine is in sleep mode, press any button to change to
the PIN entry screen and enter the PIN code.

Battery Charging

The battery is equipped with temperature monitoring that al-
lows charging only in the temperature range between 5 °C
and 45 °C.
The lithium-ion battery is supplied partially charged. To en-
sure full capacity of the battery, completely charge the ma-
chine in the docking station before first use.
The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without re-
ducing its service life. Interrupting the charging procedure
does not damage the battery.
When the battery is run down or discharged, the machine is
shut off by means of a protective circuit: the blade no longer
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