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Initial Setup - Bosch Indego l Original Instructions Manual

Robotic mower
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Make sure that the docking station is placed by the side of the
cutting area with a straight 2 m track in front and behind.
Whilst stood in the grass area to be cut it is important that the
docking station charging pins point to the left. (see figure 2)
Note: If the docking station is positioned with the charging
pins pointing either into the grass area or pointing to the right
the Indego will not run correctly.
Pull the wire end through the front hole of the base plate and
straight through the wire duct and the rear hole. Fix the wire
with a peg inline with the hole. Cut off insulation carefully and
connect the wire to the right hand (red) terminal. (see
figures 4 – 5)
Fix the docking station with 4 supplied fixing pins to the
ground. (see figure 6)
Lay out the perimeter wire anti-clockwise and flush to the
ground. Observe the minimum distances from lawn edges,
steps, walls, ponds, etc. Use the spacing guide. (see figure 7)
Note: The cable should be positioned so that the Indego will
not be more that 16 m away at anytime.
If the working area borders against a flat path or surface that
is level with the lawn the Indego will be able to run over it. In
such cases the perimeter wire should be positioned right up
to the edge of the lawn.
Note: Perimeter wire can be buried up
to a maximum depth of 5 cm. It is rec-
ommended to mark out permanent objects within the garden.
This will prevent the Indego colliding with the object and re-
duce wear on the shell. Objects on the lawn below 6 cm height
e.g. trees, ponds, flower beds etc. must be delimited in a
clockwise direction. The lines to and from these zones may
not cross but the wire should be touching. (see figure 7)
Note: Approximately 20 cm of lawn
around the fixed object and around the
edge of the lawn will not be mown.
Fix the wire with the first peg next to the docking station, ten-
sion and fix with pegs at a distance of approx. 50 cm.
(see figure 7)
Continue the loop and bring the wire to the back of the dock-
ing station and inline with the other end of the wire. Fix the
second end of the wire also with the peg. Perimeter wire and
peg should be installed inline. Shorten the wire, cut off insula-
tion carefully and connect the wire to the left hand (black) ter-
minal. (see figure 8)
Clip on the protective cover of the docking station.
(see figure 9)
Note: The wire can be extended up to the maximum allowed
length of 450 m.
Note: If verticutting or raking is intended avoid the perimeter
Install the power supply in a cool, dry environment. Connect it
with the docking station and an indoor mains socket. (see
figure 10)
Check the indicator on the docking station (see figure 11):
– Indicator lights up continuously green, if the output volt-
age of the power supply is available and the perimeter wire
is not interrupted.
– Indicator does not light up when the output voltage of the
power supply is not available.
F 016 L81 082 | (17.12.13)
Installing an additional lawn
(Indego 1300)
The Indego 1300 can be used in up to three different lawns.
To install an additional cutting area/lawn you will need to have
purchased an additional docking station (F 016 800 384)
and the required perimeter wire and pegs.
To install the additional area please follow the installation in-
structions from the beginning of this section.
Note: When moving the Indego from one garden to the next it
is recommended to use the "Home function button" so the In-
dego returns to the docking station. You can then lift and
move the Indego to the next docking station.

Initial Setup

Plug the isolator key into the machine and put it into the dock-
ing station for charging. (see figures 12 – 14)
The welcome screen appears and shows following symbols:
Robotic Lawnmower
Multifunctional buttons, left
Battery capacity
Title of Menu/Submenu
Display with dialog screens
Multifunctional buttons, right
The buttons are multifunctional. The meaning depends on the
individual menu function and is explained on the screen.
The buttons next to the arrow symbols
gate up or down through the menu options. The buttons next
to the arrow symbols
allow to go right or left through
the menu options.
The display will change to the next screen as soon as any op-
tion is selected and confirmed.
First press the button next to "Language choice". The "Set
Language" screen appears and shows the following.
allow to navi-
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