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Introduction; Applications; Preparations - 3xLogic VSX-2MP-FE Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction  
The   n etwork   c amera   i s   a n   e mbedded   d igital   s urveillance   c amera   t hat   c ombines   t he   f eatures   o f   b oth   t he  
traditional   a nalog   c amera   a nd   t he   e ncoder.   W ith   a   b uilt-­‐in   v ideo   s erver,   t he   n etwork   c amera   i s   c apable   o f  
providing   r eal-­‐time   v ideo   s tream   c ompression,   p rocessing,   v ideo   a nalysis   a nd   t ransmission   s imultaneously.  
Adopting   t he   l atest   p rocessing   c hip   a nd   h ardware   p latform,   t he   n etwork   c amera   c an   b e   w idely   a pplied   t o  
various   s urveillance   a nd   i mage   p rocessing   s ystems   w ith   h igh   r eliability   a nd   s tability.   P lease   s ee  
guide   f or   h elp   l ocating   t he   s ection   o f   t he   m anual   t hat   p ertains   t o   y our   s pecific   c amera.    
1.1 Applications  
The   n etwork   c amera   c an   b e   u sed   i n   m any   s urveillance   s cenes.,   e .g.:  
Network   s urveillance   f or   o ver-­‐the-­‐counter   a ctivities   i n   b anks,   A TMs,   s upermarkets   a nd   f actories.  
Remote   s urveillance   s ystems   f or   n ursing   h omes,   s chools,   c asinos,   h otels,   j ails,   e tc.  
Artificially   I ntelligent   a ccess   c ontrol   s ystems   .  
Artificially   I ntelligent   o ffice   b uilding/residential   c ompounds   m anagement   s ystems.  
Unguarded   p ower   s tation,   t oll   r oad   a nd   t elecommunication   b ase   s tation   s urveillance   s ystems.  
Warehouse   m onitoring   s ystems.  
Surveillance   s ystems   f or   a irports,   r ailway   s tations,   b us   s tops,   e tc.  
1.2 Preparations  
Make   s ure   t he   d evice   i n   t he   p ackage   i s   i n   g ood   c ondition   a nd   a ll   t he   a ssembly   p arts   a re   i ncluded.  
Make   s ure   a ll   t he   r elated   e quipment   i s   p owered   o ff   d uring   i nstallation.  
Check   t he   s pecification   o f   t he   p roducts   f or   t he   i nstallation   e nvironment.  
Make   s ure   t he   p ower   s upply   i s   m atched   w ith   y our   r equired   v oltage   t o   a void   d amage.  
If   t he   p roduct   d oes   n ot   f unction   p roperly,   p lease   c ontact   y our   d ealer   o r   t he   n earest   s ervice   c enter.   D o  
not   d isassemble   t he   c amera   f or   r epair   o r   m aintenance   b y   y ourself.  
Make   s ure   t hat   t he   w all   i s   s trong   e nough   t o   w ithstand   t hree   t imes   t he   w eight   o f   t he   c amera.  
For   c ameras   t hat   s upport   I R,   p lease   a dhere   t o   t he   f ollowing   p recautions   t o   p revent   I R   r eflection:  
Dust   o r   g rease   o n   t he   d ome   c over   w ill   c ause   I R   r eflection.   P lease   d o   n ot   r emove   t he   d ome   c over   f ilm  
until   t he   i nstallation   i s   f inished.   I f   t here   i s   d ust   o r   g rease   o n   t he   d ome   c over,   c lean   t he   d ome   c over  
with   c lean   s oft   c loth   a nd   i sopropyl   a lcohol.  
Make   s ure   t hat   t here   i s   n o   r eflective   s urface   t oo   c lose   t o   t he   c amera   l ens.   T he   I R   l ight   f rom   t he  
camera   m ay   r eflect   b ack   i nto   t he   l ens   c ausing   r eflection.    
The   f oam   r ing   a round   t he   l ens   m ust   b e   s eated   f lush   a gainst   t he   i nner   s urface   o f   t he   b ubble   t o   i solate  
the   l ens   f rom   t he   I R   L EDS.   F asten   t he   d ome   c over   t o   c amera   b ody   s o   t hat   t he   f oam   r ing   a nd   t he   d ome  
cover   a re   a ttached   s eamlessly.    
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V ISIX   N etwork   C amera
Installation  Manual
S ection   2
  o f   t his  


Table of Contents

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