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EPSON Stylus &RORU 800
; After performing the PG gap adjustment, make sure that the "Cleaner Head" and head nose are in
contact with each other by the proper portion by following the instruction below.
11. Set the "PG Lever" to the "+" (wide) position.
12. Release the "CR Lock Lever" by turning it forward using the tweezers, and shift the CR unit from the
CR home position to the right end of the "Front Paper Guide". Then set the "Head Cleaner" to the
wiping/rubbing position by turning the larger gear of the "Pump Motor Reduction Gear" in counter
clock wise direction (forward).
; Make sure that the "Change Cam" is set to the pump drive side during this operation. (Refer to
Figure 2-10 and 3-66 for the cam position.)
; Stop turning the "Pump Reduction Gear" when you feel any resistance while turning the gear.
13. Slide the CR unit from left to right or vice versa by holding the upper side of the "Timing Belt" (or top
edge of the CR unit). Then check if the "Head Cleaner" and color head nose (metallic frame part of
the head) come in contact with each other by 5 mm or more.
Figure 4-5. Contact Area of the Color Head and Head Cleaner
; When sliding the "Head Cleaner" to the metallic frame part of the head, be careful not to slide into
the head surface beyond the metal frame.
; Check the "Cleaner Head" from the front left of the printer whether the contact portion of the color
head and head cleaner is appropriate.
14. If you confirm the proper contact, return the large gear of the "Pump Reduction Gears" in clock wise
direction to position the cleaner head under the "Sub Cable Holder" securely. If the portion is not
correct, check the positions for the "Head Cleaner" and "Pump Unit", and replace the parts if
15. Return the "CR unit" to the home position manually and set the "PG Lever" back to the "0" (narrow)
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Head Nose
Head Cleaner
Contact Area :
0.5 mm or more
Rev. A




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