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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Usb Port Communication; Configuration Program

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USB Port Communication

The standard B-type USB port is used to connect the UPS and network server or other computer
system using Liebert MultiLink
A standard B-type USB port is provided to allow connection to a computer or network server. The
USB port can be used to communicate with the Liebert GXT4 configuration program (see section 5.2.1
for details) or Liebert MultiLink (refer to 5.1.1 - Liebert MultiLink for description) that is provided
on the CD that is included with the UPS.

Configuration Program

The configuration program is on the Liebert GXT4 CD and can be used instead of making
configuration setting changes from the LCD panel. The configuration program communicates to a
computer running a Microsoft
For most users, the factory default settings are adequate. This section give a brief overview of the
features and parameters that are available for modification, as well as the factory default settings.
Should any changes be necessary, refer to the Configuration Program User Manual that is located on
the included CD for further details.
The configuration program allows these features of the Liebert GXT4 to be changed:
• Change and set the display language
• Enable/Disable Auto-Restart (default is Enable)
• Select frequency converter operation with a fixed output frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, bypass
disabled (default is Auto-Select with bypass enabled)
• Set the Low Battery Warning alarm time from 2 to 30 minutes (default is 2 minutes)
• Enable/Disable the Auto-Battery test (default is Enable)
• Enable/Disable Auto-Restart after removing Remote shutdown (default is Disable)
• Set the wiring mode of Remote shutdown (default is normally open)
• Set the Auto-Enable output after remote shutdown (default is Disable)
• Set the Auto-Battery test to 8, 12, 16, 20, or 26 weeks (default is 8 weeks)
• Select the number of external battery cabinets connected to the UPS to adjust the remaining run
time calculated by Emerson
• Select one of multiple output voltages to match various voltages (see Table 8).
Table 8
Output voltage option, all models
Factory Default Setting
The output voltage settings cannot be changed while the UPS is On and powering connected
Programming the output voltage of a 230V model of the Liebert GXT4 to 220V automatically
derates the UPS to 96% of both the VA and watt ratings (refer to 9.0 - Specifications for VA
and watt ratings).
• This program is compatible with UPS models beginning with 'GXT4,' as in
'GXT4-3000RT230.' It is not compatible with earlier versions of the Liebert GXT UPS.
• A computer running Microsoft
Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required to set up and run the configuration program.
operating system via the included USB cable.
software products (default is zero)
Output Voltage Option
200V, 208V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Windows 2000
, Windows XP
, Windows Vista



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