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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Operation; Startup Checklist For The Liebert Gxt4; Starting The Ups; Manual Battery Test

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This section describes checks to be made before starting the UPS, how to start the UPS, manual
battery test, manual bypass, shutting down the UPS and disconnecting mains power from the UPS.
The Liebert GXT4's battery has been fully charged before delivery, but some charge will be lost
during storage and shipping. To ensure that the battery has adequate reserve power to protect
the connected load, charge the battery for three hours before putting the UPS into service.

Startup Checklist for the Liebert GXT4

Before starting the UPS, perform these checks:
___ 1. Check that the input plugs and loads are connected properly and reliably.
___ 2. Check that the battery cable is connected properly.
___ 3. Check that the communication cables are connected properly.

Starting the UPS

1. Plug the UPS into the appropriate AC outlet.
2. 3000VA models only—Close the input breaker on the rear of the unit.
3. The UPS will begin the startup sequence once AC power is present.
The UPS will sound an audible alarmist is normal
4. On the LCD, press either the Up or Down button once, then press the Enter button to turn on the
UPS. The UPS will sound the audible alarm again when the output receptacles are being supplied
by the internal bypass. It will sound one more time as the inverter powers the connected
5. Check the LCD and LED indicators to ensure the UPS is operating normally.
6. Check the load percentage on the default screen to ensure the connected equipment is not
exceeding the UPS rated capacity.
The UPS is now providing conditioned power to the connected load.

Manual Battery Test

To initiate a manual battery test, select MAIN MENU > CONTROL>BATT TEST>START.
• If the battery test results show FAILED, allow the UPS to recharge the batteries for 24 hours.
• Retest the batteries after 24 hours of charging.
• After the batteries have been retested, if the battery test still shows FAILED, contact your local
representative or Emerson Network Power Channel Support.

Manual Bypass

To manually transfer the connected equipment to the internal bypass:
1. From the main menu select CONTROL, then press Enter.
2. Select TURN ON & OFF and press Enter.
3. Select TURN UPS BYPASS and press Enter. The UPS will transfer the connected loads to the
internal bypass.
If the internal bypass is not available because of mains power problems, pressing this button once will
be ignored. Bypass operation is indicated by an audible alarm and illuminated amber Bypass
indicator. (If other indicators are illuminated, refer to 7.0 - Troubleshooting.)





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