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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Audible Alarm; Troubleshooting

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Audible Alarm

An audible alarm will sound in conjunction with the visual indicators to indicate a change in UPS
operating status. The audible alarm will sound as described in Table 11.
Table 11
Audible alarm description
Battery discharge
Low battery
UPS fault, load on bypass
UPS fault, no power to load
Battery replacement
Battery loss
Wiring problem (loss of proper grounding for UPS)
Bypass reminder


In the event of an issue with the UPS, refer to Table 12 to determine the cause and solution. If the
fault persists, contact Emerson
Table 12
Troubleshooting table
UPS is short-circuited or
UPS fails to start
Batteries are not charged
enough or not connected
UPS is not plugged in
Battery indicator
UPS input protection fuse has
is illuminated
Mains power is out of tolerance
Batteries are not fully charged
UPS has
reduced battery
UPS is overloaded
backup time
Batteries may not be able to
hold a full charge due to age
Battery indicator
Battery source is not available;
is flashing.
continuous horn.
Because the voltage or
Bypass indicator
frequency is outside acceptable
is flashing.
limits, the bypass is disabled.
When reporting a UPS issue to Emerson, include the UPS model and serial number. These are
located in several places for your ease of location: on the top panel (rack mount orientation); the left
side (tower orientation); the rear panel; on the front of the unit behind the front plastic bezel; and on
the LCD select MAIN MENU > ABOUT.
Half-second beep every 10 seconds
Two half-second beeps every 5 seconds
1-second beep every 4 seconds
Half-second beep every half second
2-second beep every 2 minutes
1-second beep every 60 seconds
Channel Support.
Ensure UPS is Off. Disconnect all loads and ensure nothing is lodged in
output receptacles. Ensure loads are not defective or shorted internally.
Check to ensure the internal battery is connected. If it is not, make the
connection and try to start the unit. If the battery is connected, leave the
UPS connected to input power for 24 hours to recharge batteries, then try
to start the unit.
UPS is operating from battery mode. Ensure UPS is securely plugged
into the wall receptacle.
UPS is operating from battery mode. Save data and close applications.
Replace UPS input fuse, then restart UPS.
UPS is operating from battery mode. Save data and close applications.
Ensure mains supply voltage is within acceptable limits for UPS.
Keep UPS plugged in continuously at least 24 hours to recharge
Check load level indicator and reduce the load on the UPS.
Replace batteries. Contact your local dealer, Emerson representative or
Emerson Channel Support for replacement battery kit.
Check battery connections, completely power down and restart UPS.
NOTE: If the battery circuit opens while the UPS is running, it will be
detected when the next battery test is performed.
The AC input powers the PFC input and serves as the bypass source. If
the AC is present but the voltage or frequency exceeds the acceptable
range for safe operation with a load, the bypass will be disabled and this
indicator will flash, indicating that the bypass is unavailable.



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