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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Operating Mode; Mains Mode; Manual Bypass Mode

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DC-to-DC Converter
The DC-to-DC converter raises the DC voltage from the battery to the optimum operating voltage for
the inverter. This allows the inverter to operate continuously at its optimum efficiency and voltage,
increasing reliability.
The Liebert GXT4 utilizes valve-regulated, nonspillable, lead acid batteries. To maintain battery
design life, operate the Liebert GXT4 in an ambient temperature of 0°C to 25°C (32°F to 77°F).
Optional external battery cabinets are available to extend battery run times.
Dynamic Bypass
The Liebert GXT4 provides an alternate path for mains power to the connected loads in the unlikely
event of a UPS malfunction. Should the Liebert GXT4 have an overload, overtemperature, or UPS
failure condition, the UPS automatically transfers the connected loads to bypass.
The bypass power path does not protect the connected loads from disturbances on the mains.

Operating Mode

The UPS operation modes include the following: Mains (AC) Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Mode,
Battery Recharge Mode, Active ECO Mode and Frequency Converter Mode.
Refer to 3.0 - Operation and Display Panel for details about the operating mode indicators and
control buttons.

Mains Mode

During Mains Mode, the mains provides input power to the Liebert GXT4. The filters, PFC circuit
and inverter process this power to provide high-quality sine wave power to connected loads. The UPS
maintains the batteries in a fully charged state.

Manual Bypass Mode

Manual Bypass Mode occurs when the unit is manually placed in internal bypass by navigating the
LCD display menu to select 3 Control > 1 Turn On & Off > Turn UPS Bypass. Bypass operation is
indicated by an audible alarm and illuminated amber bypass indicator. (If other indicators are
illuminated, refer to 7.0 - Troubleshooting). During Bypass Mode, mains power bypasses the
inverter and provides energy to the connected load.
Risk of loss of power to the connected load. Can cause equipment damage.
Turning Off the UPS in Bypass Mode will result in loss of output power to the connected load.
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