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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Battery Mode; Battery Recharge Mode; Frequency Converter Mode; Active Eco Mode

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Battery Mode

The Liebert GXT4 enters Battery Mode when mains power fails or is outside acceptable limits. The
battery system supplies power through the DC-to-DC converter to the inverter to generate clean AC
power for the connected loads.
When the Liebert GXT4 enters Battery Mode, the UPS sounds a half-second beep at 10-second
intervals. When approximately 2 minutes of run time remains, the beeps sound every 5 seconds to
warn that the battery is getting low (this Low Battery Warning is user-configurable).
In Battery Mode, the battery indicator will illuminate and the LCD will show the prompt Silence
Alarm and choices of Yes and No. The default is No. Press either the Up or Down arrow button to
select Yes, then press the Enter button to silence the alarm.
Once the alarm prompt has been acknowledged, the UPS will display the estimated battery run time
and battery capacity. Refer to 7.0 - Troubleshooting. For approximate battery run times, refer to

Table 17.

Risk of loss of power to the connected load. Can cause equipment damage.
Turning Off the Liebert GXT4 when it is in Battery Mode will result in loss of output power to
the connected load.
If the UPS is turned Off manually, it must be manually restarted after mains power returns.
If the UPS is turned Off by a communication signal or because the batteries are depleted, it
will operate as set in the configuration program for Auto-Restart (Refer to 5.2.1 -
Configuration Program).

Battery Recharge Mode

Once mains power is applied to the Liebert GXT4, the Battery Charger begins charging the batteries.

Frequency Converter Mode

All models of the Liebert GXT4 are capable of frequency conversion. Frequency Conversion Mode can
be selected using the configuration program. Allowable frequency operating modes include:
• Auto Sensing - 50Hz or 60Hz – Bypass Enabled
• Auto Sensing - 50Hz or 60Hz – Bypass Disabled
• Frequency Converter - 50Hz – Bypass Disabled
• Frequency Converter - 60Hz – Bypass Disabled
The default for all models of the Liebert GXT4 is "Auto Sensing - 50Hz or 60Hz – Bypass
Risk of electric shock. Can cause injury or death.
Never touch the AC input receptacle while the UPS is operating. Voltage may still be present
even when the AC input indicator is Off.

Active ECO Mode

All Liebert GXT4 models can operate in Active ECO Mode. In this mode, the connected equipment is
powered through the bypass path to increase efficiency, reducing the electrical costs.
Active ECO mode keeps the rectifier and inverter operating, allowing the inverter to remain
synchronized to bypass. This synchronization allows the transfer of the connected equipment to UPS
inverter power almost seamlessly if bypass power falls outside the user-set limits. Once bypass power
returns within the acceptable parameters, the UPS will return to Active ECO Mode operation.
The default setting is Active ECO Mode Off.
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