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Liebert GXT4 User Manual: Fault List

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Fault List

All UPS fault messages are described in Table 7.
Table 7
Fault list
UPS Self-Test Failed
UPS Overload
Inverter Out Of Order
Battery Weak/Bad
Output Short Circuit
DC Bus Overvoltage
UPS Overtemperature
Charger Out Of Order
Fan Out Of Order
DC Bus Discharge Fail
Rectifier Out Of Order
If a fault occurs, the UPS automatically switches to Bypass Mode. The original operating mode will be
maintained only in the case of a battery disconnection fault. The fault message alternates with UPS
Mode once a second, the red fault indicator on the operation and display panel lights up and the alarm
sounds continuously.
If a fault occurs, proceed as follows:
1. Enter the ALARM CONTROL screen (see Figure 34), and select AUDIBLE ALARM ON or
AUDIBLE ALARM OFF to switch the alarm On or Off.
2. Enter the EVENT LOG screen (see Figure 36), and select VIEW LOG to view the entire Event log.
There will be a short delay before the EVENT LOG screen displays the historical fault log to
allow the log to load.
The battery is bad or weak or not connected.
The UPS is overloaded.
The inverter has failed.
The battery is bad or weak.
The output connection is short-circuited.
The DC bus is faulty.
Overtemperature occurs to the UPS and the UPS will transfer to Bypass mode.
The charger has failed.
At least one fan is failed.
DC-DC failure occurs.
Rectifier failure occurs.
Operation and Display Panel



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