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UPS 230V 700VA-3000VA
User Manual



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  • Page 1

    Liebert GXT4 UPS 230V 700VA-3000VA ® ™ User Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ® 2.6.2 Installing the Optional Liebert IntelliSlot Card and Communication Cables ... 14 ......... . . 15...

  • Page 4

    Shut Down the Liebert GXT4 ..........32 Disconnecting Input Power from the Liebert GXT4....... . 32 .

  • Page 5

    Rear components, Liebert GXT4 230V 1500VA models ........

  • Page 6

    Troubleshooting table ............41 Table 15 Specifications of GXT4-700RT230/230E and GXT4-1000RT230/230E UPS ....43 Table 16 Specifications of the Liebert GXT4-1500RT230/230E, GXT4-2000RT230/230E and GXT-3000RT230/230E .

  • Page 7: Important Safety Precautions

    Do not open or damage the battery. Released electrolyte is toxic and is harmful to skin and eyes. If electrolyte comes into contact with the skin, wash the affected area immediately with plenty of clean water and get medical attention. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 8

    Class A digital device. Operating this device in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference that users must correct at their own expense. The Liebert GXT4 series complies with the requirements of EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the published technical standards. Continued compliance requires installation in accordance with these ®...

  • Page 9: Glossary Of Symbols

    Indicates a warning or a caution followed by important instructions AC input AC output Requests the user to consult the manual Indicates the unit contains a valve-regulated lead acid battery PbH2SO4 Recycle DC voltage Equipment grounding conductor Bonded to ground AC voltage WEEE ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 10: Product Description

    RODUCT ESCRIPTION The Liebert GXT4 is a compact, online uninterruptible power system (UPS) that continuously conditions and regulates its output voltage. The UPS is designed to supply microcomputers and other sensitive electronic equipment with clean sine wave input power, 700VA to 3000VA at 230V.

  • Page 11: Appearance And Components

    Appearance and Components 1.3.1 Appearance The Liebert GXT4 rack/tower models in various power ratings have the same general appearance, controls and features (see Figure 1). The various rack/tower models differ largely in the type of receptacles each has. Figure 1...

  • Page 12: Figure 3 Rear Components, Liebert Gxt4 230v 1500va Models

    Product Description Figure 3 Rear components, Liebert GXT4 230V 1500VA models Liebert IntelliSlot Port Outlet1 Receptacles Input Circuit Breaker Input USB Port (Programmable ) Dry Contacts RS232 External Battery General Outlet2 Receptacles Port Connector Output Programmable Figure 4 Rear components, Liebert GXT4 230V 2000VA models...

  • Page 13: Major Components

    UPS. Inverter In normal operation, the Liebert GXT4’s inverter utilizes the DC output of the PFC circuit to produce precise, regulated sine wave AC power. When mains power fails, the inverter receives DC power from the battery through the DC-to DC converter. In either operation mode, the UPS inverter is online, continuously generating clean, precise, regulated AC output power.

  • Page 14: Operating Mode

    The Liebert GXT4 utilizes valve-regulated, nonspillable, lead acid batteries. To maintain battery design life, operate the Liebert GXT4 in an ambient temperature of 0°C to 25°C (32°F to 77°F). Optional external battery cabinets are available to extend battery run times.

  • Page 15: Battery Mode

    NOTICE Risk of loss of power to the connected load. Can cause equipment damage. Turning Off the Liebert GXT4 when it is in Battery Mode will result in loss of output power to the connected load. If the UPS is turned Off manually, it must be manually restarted after mains power returns.

  • Page 16: Installation

    • Australian type A to SAA input cord—one (not included with “E” models) NOTE The GXT4 External Battery Cabinet shipping package includes one battery cabinet, two spacers for tower configuration and one DC power cable and rack mounting hardware, including screws, handles and mounting rail kit (not included with “E”) models.

  • Page 17: Mechanical Installation

    Installation Clearances Maintain a clearance of at least 100mm (4 inches) in the front and rear of the Liebert GXT4. Do not obstruct the air inlets on the front panel or rear panel of the UPS—blocking the air inlets reduces ventilation and heat dissipation, shortening the service life of the Liebert GXT4.

  • Page 18: Rack Installation

    The Liebert GXT4 UPS and external battery cabinets (EBC), when installed in a rack enclosure, must be supported by a shelf or rack-mount rails. The Liebert GXT4 UPS and EBC units ship with all required hardware to allow rack-mount installation (not included with “E” models). Because different rack-mount options install differently, refer to the installation instructions provided with the rack mount kit being used.

  • Page 19: Figure 10 Cable Strain Relief

    GXT4-1000RT230 GXT4-1000RT230E Liebert GXT4 models 700-1500VA and 2000VA have three groups of outlets as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 5. One group is always On; the other two groups may be controlled with either programmed responses or over an SNMP network. The 3000VA GXT4 UPS has four groups of outlets: two groups are not controlled (always On), and two groups may be controlled with either programmed responses or over an SNMP network.

  • Page 20: Connecting Battery Cables

    Connecting USB Communication Cables 1. Remove the USB communication cables from the accessories bag. 2. Insert one end of the USB communication cable to the USB port on the rear panel of the Liebert GXT4 (see Figure 2). 3. Insert the other end of the USB communication cable to the USB port of the computer.

  • Page 21: Operation And Display Panel

    This chapter describes the Liebert GXT4 controls, particularly the operation and display panel on the front of the Liebert GXT4. The panel has four control buttons, seven LED indicators and a liquid crystal display (LCD), as shown in Figure 12.

  • Page 22: Control Buttons

    Pressing this button can enter the next level menu or confirm the parameter setting value. The LCD panel shows the UPS status and enables changes to the UPS settings by assisting in navigating through the Liebert GXT4’s menu (see 3.4 - Menu Structure). ®...

  • Page 23: Menu Structure

    Turn On When Power Returns for Default Some Time Address: IPV6AUTO Turn Off When Runtime Less Than Some Time Turn Off When Batt Capacity Address: IPV6LINK Less Than Some Time 1 English Language 2 French Color ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 24: Startup Screen

    Operation and Display Panel 3.4.1 Startup Screen When the Liebert GXT4 is starting up, it initiates a self-test and displays the screen shown in Figure 14 for about 10 seconds. Figure 14 Startup screen EMERSON Network Power After about 10 seconds, the LCD shows one of the On screens in Figure 15; the screen shown depends on whether input power is available.

  • Page 25: Default Screen

    Default Screen Press any button in the START SUCCESSFUL screen to enter the default interface, shown in Figure 17. Figure 17 Default screen Values shown will vary GXT4-UPS 3KVA according to installation and configuration. O/P: 230V 50HZ 11.7A I /P: 230V 50HZ 13.1A...

  • Page 26: Figure 19 Status Screens

    6. LCD 7. FACTORY DEFAULT In the CONFIGURATION screen, press the Up or Down button to move the cursor to the required item, then press the Enter button to enter a submenu or set its parameters. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 27: Figure 21 Ups Screens

    LOW BATTERY TIME CABINETS MINS BATT TEST INTERVAL BATT REPLACE TIME WEEKS 2014 Y Press the Up or Down button to increase or decrease the value of the settings, and press the Enter button to confirm it. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 28: Figure 23 Eco Mode Screen

    Outlet1 Screen Select MAIN MENU > 2 CONFIGURATION > 4 OUTLET1 to enter the OUTLET1 screen. This menu has two submenus, as shown in Figure 24. Figure 24 Outlet1 screen OUTLET1 1 OUTLET CONTROL 2 OUTLET SETTING ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 29: Figure 25 Outlet Control Screen

    TURN ON WHEN POWER TURN ON WHEN POWER RETURNS: RETURNS: 0 MINS 0 MINS Press the Up or Down button to move the cursor to the required item, and press the Enter button to confirm the settings. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 30: Figure 27 Outlet2 Setting Screen

    The Outlet2 screens are the same as the Outlet1 screens. The same settings are available as on the Outlet1 screen. If the Outlet2 group will have the same settings as the Outlet1 group, the Liebert GXT4 offers a programming shortcut, as shown in Figure 27. When configuring the Outlet2 group, the select YES and press the Enter button to apply the Outlet1 settings to the Outlet2 screen.

  • Page 31: Figure 30 Color Screen

    1 TURN ON & OFF 2 ALARM CONTROL 3 BATT TEST In the CONTROL screen, press the Up or Down button to move the cursor to the required item, and press the Enter button to enter its submenu. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 32: Figure 33 Turn Ups On Or Off Screen

    BATT TEST screen Select MAIN MENU -> 3 CONTROL -> 3 BATT TEST to enter the BATT TEST screen, as shown in Figure 35. Figure 35 Batt Test screen 1 START 2 CANCEL 3 BATT TEST RESULT ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 33: Figure 36 Log Screens

    ABOUT Screen Select MAIN MENU> ABOUT to enter the ABOUT screen, as shown in Figure 38. Figure 38 About screen PN: GXT4-2000 RT230 SN:1XXX60XXX1AFCXX FW VER: U100D100 HW VER: H100 The ABOUT screen displays UPS model, serial number, software version and hardware version.

  • Page 34: Figure 39 Network Screens

    Network Select MAIN MENU>NETWORK to enter the NETWORK screen. The NETWORK screen displays the MAC address and the IPv4 IP address. If the Liebert GXT4 is fitted with an optional Liebert IntelliSlot Web card (Liebert IS-WEBCARD), the screen will display IPv6 IP address settings (IPv6 requires configuration), as shown in Figure 39.

  • Page 35: Prompt List

    The UPS starts up successfully and supplies protected power to the UPS Turn On load. UPS Shutdown Process Had Been The shutdown command sent through Liebert MultiLink or SNMP Cancelled card to the UPS is canceled, ECO Mode Enabled The UPS is configured to ECO mode operation,...

  • Page 36: Fault List

    2. Enter the EVENT LOG screen (see Figure 36), and select VIEW LOG to view the entire Event log. NOTE There will be a short delay before the EVENT LOG screen displays the historical fault log to allow the log to load. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 37: Operation

    UPS and disconnecting mains power from the UPS. NOTE The Liebert GXT4’s battery has been fully charged before delivery, but some charge will be lost during storage and shipping. To ensure that the battery has adequate reserve power to protect the connected load, charge the battery for three hours before putting the UPS into service.

  • Page 38: Shut Down The Liebert Gxt4

    Disconnecting Input Power from the Liebert GXT4 1. After the UPS has been shut down as detailed in 4.5 - Shut Down the Liebert GXT4, disconnect the input cable from the wall socket. 2. Wait 30 seconds and verify that all indicators have turned Off and the fan has stopped; this indicates that the power-off is complete.

  • Page 39: Communication

    Liebert MultiLink monitors the UPS continuously and can shut down the computer or server in the event of an extended power failure. Liebert MultiLink can also be configured to shut down the UPS. Liebert MultiLink can communicate with the UPS via the USB port, RS232 port, contact closures via terminal block or over the network via SNMP using the Liebert IS-WEBCARD.

  • Page 40: Usb Port Communication

    A standard B-type USB port is provided to allow connection to a computer or network server. The USB port can be used to communicate with the Liebert GXT4 configuration program (see section 5.2.1 for details) or Liebert MultiLink (refer to 5.1.1 - Liebert MultiLink for description) that is provided on the CD that is included with the UPS.

  • Page 41: Rs-232 Port

    When the Auto-Enable output option is selected and the UPS output is disabled using Pin 1 and Pin 2, the Liebert GXT4’s output can turn On automatically and without warning if the Pin 1 and Pin 2 connection is changed.

  • Page 42: Battery Mode Shutdown

    This timer cannot be stopped once triggered. If the mains power returns during this countdown, the Liebert GXT4 will still shut down and must remain shut down for 10 seconds. Whether the UPS turns back On when the power is restored depends on the auto-restart setting.

  • Page 43: Maintenance

    • Handle, transport and recycle batteries in accordance with local regulations. Replacing the Internal Battery Pack The Liebert GXT4 is designed to allow the user to replace the internal battery pack safely. Refer to Table 9 for internal battery pack part numbers for Liebert GXT4 UPS:...

  • Page 44: Battery Replacement Procedures

    Emerson Channel Support. 7. Line up and slide in the new internal battery pack. 8. Reconnect the battery plug and battery receptacle 9. Gently push the battery wire and internal battery pack back into the UPS. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 45: Battery Charging

    The Liebert GXT4 charges the batteries continuously when it is connected to the mains input power. If the Liebert GXT4 will be stored for a long time, Emerson recommends connecting the UPS to input power for at least 24 hours every three to four months to ensure full recharge of the batteries.

  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    UPS Symptoms The following symptoms indicate the Liebert GXT4 is malfunctioning: • The relative indicators illuminate, indicating the UPS has detected a problem. • An alarm buzzer sounds, alerting the user that the UPS requires attention.

  • Page 47: Audible Alarm

    (rack mount orientation); the left side (tower orientation); the rear panel; on the front of the unit behind the front plastic bezel; and on the LCD select MAIN MENU > ABOUT. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 48: Battery Cabinet

    Battery Cabinet ATTERY ABINET Optional battery cabinets are available for the Liebert GXT4. The external battery connector and isolation breaker are on the battery cabinet’s rear panel, as shown in Figure 44. For battery cabinet specifications, refer to Table 15.

  • Page 49: Specifications

    Specifications PECIFICATIONS The specifications of the Liebert GXT4 are listed in Table 13 and Table 14. Table 13 Specifications of GXT4-700RT230/230E and GXT4-1000RT230/230E UPS Product model GXT4-700RT230 GXT4-1000RT230 Parameters GXT4-700RT230E GXT4-1000RT230E Model Rating 700VA/630W 1000VA/900W Dimensions, D x W x H, mm (in) Unit 408 x 430 x 85 (16.2 x 16.9 x 3.4)

  • Page 50: Gxt-3000rt230/230e

    Specifications Table 14 Specifications of the Liebert GXT4-1500RT230/230E, GXT4-2000RT230/230E and GXT-3000RT230/230E Product model GXT4-1500RT230 GXT4-2000RT230 GXT4-3000RT230 Parameters GXT4-1500RT230E GXT4-2000RT230E GXT4-3000RT230E Model Rating 1500VA/1350W 2000VA/1800W 3000VA/2700W Dimensions, D x W x H, mm (in) 497 × 430 × 85 602 × 430 × 85 Unit (19.6 x 16.9 x 3.3)

  • Page 51

    Table 15 Battery cabinet specifications Model Number GXT4-48VBATT GXT4-72VBATT Parameter GXT4-48VBATTE GXT4-72VBATTE GXT4-700RT230/230E, GXT4-1000RT230/230E, Used w/UPS Model GXT4-1500RT230/230E, GXT4-2000RT230/230E GXT4-3000RT230/230E Dimensions, D x W x H, mm (in) 497 × 430 × 85 602 × 430 × 85 Unit (19.7 x 16.9 x 3.3) (23.6 x 16.9 x 3.3)

  • Page 52

    Load Percent Batteries/Cabinets of Capacity 700VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA 3000VA Internal Battery 100% Internal Battery + 1 External Battery Cabinet 100% Internal Battery + 2 External Battery Cabinets 100% Internal Battery + 3 External Battery Cabinets 100% ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 53

    The times above are approximate. They are based on new, fully charged standard batteries at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) with 100% resistive UPS loading. The listed run times can vary by ±5% because of manufacturing variances of the batteries. ® ™ Liebert GXT4...

  • Page 54: Product Warranty Registration

    Specifications Product Warranty Registration Registration is not required to activate the product warranty on a Liebert UPS. Registration is required to qualify for the Product Protection Promise. To register, visit the Emerson Network ® Power Web site to fill out the online form at:

  • Page 56

    +39 049 9719 111 Fax: +39 049 5841 257 While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this literature, Liebert Corporation assumes no Asia responsibility and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of 29/F, The Orient Square Building this information or for any errors or omissions.

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