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Liebert GXT3-10000T230 User Manual

10kva, 50/60 hz, 230v.
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User Manual–10kVA, 50/60 Hz, 230V
AC Power
For Business-Critical Continuity™


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   Summary of Contents for Liebert GXT3-10000T230

  • Page 1

    AC Power For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert GXT3-10000T230 ® ™ User Manual–10kVA, 50/60 Hz, 230V...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Configuration Program ............14 3.14 Liebert GXT3-10000T230 Configuration Program Features ......14 3.15...

  • Page 4

    Liebert MultiLink ........

  • Page 5

    Figure 11 Liebert GXT3 10000T230 with External Battery Cabinet .......

  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    Follow all operating and user instructions. The Liebert GXT3-10000T230 is not intended for use with life support or other designated critical devices. The UPS is designed for data processing equipment. If uncertain the intended use for this UPS, consult your dealer or Liebert representative.

  • Page 8

    CAUTION Do not connect more than four Liebert GXT3-240TBATTCE battery extensions to the Liebert GXT3-10000T230. This also applies when the additional battery charger is connected. The vents for air intake and outlet at the front and rear side must not be obstructed.

  • Page 9

    Additional information regarding adherence to these directives is included in the appendices NSR and EMC of the EU Declaration of Conformity. If required, the EU Declaration of Conformity may be requested from Liebert. NOTICE TO EUROPEAN UNION CUSTOMERS: DISPOSAL OF OLD APPLIANCES—This product has been supplied from an environmentally aware manufacturer that complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/CE.

  • Page 10: Introduction And System Description

    It supplies connected equipment with clean sinewave power. Sensitive electronic equipment operates best from sinewave power. For ease of use, the Liebert GXT3-10000T230 features an LCD display for comprehensive user indica- tions and programmable controls. It also provides self-diagnostic tests.

  • Page 11: Options

    External Battery Cabinets Optional external battery cabinets are available to extend UPS autonomy in the event of mains inter- ruption. The cabinets have the same dimensions, color scheme and design as the Liebert GXT3-10000T230. For technical data about external battery cabinets see Table 10 - UPS specifications.

  • Page 12: Unpacking The Uups And Site Preparation

    While removing the packaging materials, inspect the UPS for damage. If any damage is noted, notify your local Liebert representative and carrier. Any damage or missing parts must be reported to the supplier within eight days of delivery.

  • Page 13: Environmental Conditions

    Unpacking the UPS and Site Preparation Environmental Conditions The Liebert GXT3-10000T230 must be installed vertically, on a level and even surface and in an area protected from extreme temperatures, water, humidity and the presence of conductive powder or dust (see Table 11). Do not stack units; do not place any objects on top of a unit.

  • Page 14: Installation

    L2 and L3. The cable sizes are defined for the maximum current carried by the output cables. WARNING Particularly sensitive equipment may be susceptible to interference. To prevent this, Liebert suggests: Mains input, output and external battery cables to the UPS in earthed, metal conduits, or Use shielded cables Routing of cables (e.g.

  • Page 15: Neutral Connection

    NOTE If an external battery cabinet is present it should be located next to the UPS unit. When such an option is supplied by Liebert it comes complete with protection devices and correctly-sized cables. When batteries are sourced from other suppliers, you should contact Customer Support...

  • Page 16: Installation Of Differential Protection Devices

    Installation Installation of Differential Protection Devices To avoid spurious operation, differential protection devices must be: • rated at differential current NOT LESS THAN 100mA • a SELECTIVE type (delayed intervention) • Type A Figure 4 Standard configuration - differential breaker External Electrical Connections Remove the protective panel on the rear of the UPS to access the external electrical connections (see figure below).

  • Page 17: Connecting Mains And Load

    Installation Connecting Mains and Load When connect the mains supply to the UPS refer to Figures 6 through 8. Choose the connection method according to the input supply characteristics. Connections must meet these requirements: • The installer must provide circuit breaker protection according to local codes. The mains discon- nect should be within sight of the UPS or have an appropriate lock-out.

  • Page 18: Terminal Blocks For Ups

    Installation Figure 9 Input and output connections with dual source, three-phase UPS, single-phase bypass input supplies Parallel Mains 1 Input ~ Mains 2 Input ~ Output ~ Connection 400V Input 230V Bypass Input 230V NOTE During connection of a 3-phase input system, care must be taken to ensure each phase is connected to the corresponding phase on the input terminal block.

  • Page 19: External Tower Batteries

    3.10 External Tower Batteries One or more battery cabinets may be connected to the Liebert GXT3-10000T230. A cable to connect the battery cabinet and the Liebert GXT3-10000T230 is supplied with each battery cabinet. Plug this cable into the battery cabinet and UPS battery sockets—slotted fittings on each and ensure that the connection is properly made.

  • Page 20: Battery Precautions

    3.15 What You Will Need In addition to the Liebert GXT3-10000T230, you will need the configuration program CD and USB ® ® cable included in the UPS accessory pack. You must be running Microsoft...

  • Page 21: Operation

    Operation PERATION Normal Operating 4.1.1 Block diagram The Liebert GXT3-10000T230 consists of several main components: • 2 mains supplies (mains and reserve) • Rectifier/booster, inverter and charger • Internal electronic bypass • 2 input breakers • Maintenance bypass breaker • TVSS filter •...

  • Page 22: Control Panel

    Operation Control Panel The display text is shown as a 10kVA UPS. Figure 13 Control panel Battery Indicator UPS Output On Indicator Fault Indicator Bypass Indicator Enter key Escape Menu Up key Menu Down key 4.2.1 Controls and Messages Table 4 Lighted LEDs LED Color LED Indicator...

  • Page 23: Figure 14 System Block, Menu Structure

    Operation System block, menu structure Figure 14 ON/OFF Alarm Ctrl Batt Test Control Menu Batt Test Abort Test Test Report Contrast Status Menu Audible Alarm Start Window Output Volt Parallel Menu Batt Pack System Main Test Intvl Status Menu Setup DC Start Menu UPS ID...

  • Page 24: Table 5 Displayed Text-system Block And Main Menu

    No. of Unit Tag Number 00000-99999 English/French/Spanish/ Language German/Italian/Russian Event log LOG MENU Clear log * Max 4 fault event records Types Liebert Corporation GXT 10KVA Liebert GXT3 10kVA FIRMWARE VERSION MCU Version:V*** Version Display Firmware version DSP Version: V***...

  • Page 25: Warning Indicators

    Operation 4.2.2 Warning Indicators If a warning indicator appears, the UPS continues to operate. The warning message alternates with UPS mode once a second (see Table 6) The warning indicators are described below: Table 6 Warning indicators Warning Corrective Steps Cause No Redundancy InvASynFault...

  • Page 26: Startup Preparations

    Operation Startup Preparations Before switching On the UPS and supplying the load, ensure the following: • The ventilation grilles are unobstructed • The earth connection is in place • The ‘consumer’ breakers are in the Off (0) position • The UPS rear panel breakers are in the Off (0) position WARNING As soon as the UPS is connected to input power, the output sockets are live, even if the UPS is not yet switched On.

  • Page 27: Maintenance Bypass Procedure

    Simulate a mains failure by interrupting the mains supply to the UPS. You can do this by switching Off the input power circuit breaker on the rear panel of the UPS. If the mains supply to the Liebert GXT3-10000T230 is protected by an external circuit breaker, opening that circuit breaker will inter- rupt the mains supply and simulate a power failure.

  • Page 28: Remote Emergency Power Off

    4.10.1 Lamp Test NOTE This test involves putting the Liebert GXT3-10000T230 into bypass mode. The load is not protected against any mains disturbance or interruptions while the UPS is in bypass mode. 1. With the Liebert GXT3-10000T230 connected to the mains, press the Menu button, select Control and press OK.

  • Page 29: Maintenance

    The Liebert power protection customer service centre is fully equipped to deal with such batteries, in accordance with the law and with the greatest respect for the environment.

  • Page 30: Easy Battery Replacement

    Maintenance Easy Battery Replacement Open the front panel as shown below. Ensure that a certified service engineer is present to replace the batteries. 1. Open the battery tray DC connectors as shown 2. Remove the battery trays from the cabinet 3.

  • Page 31: Storage

    Storage For extended storage at ambient temperatures cooler that 25°C (77°F), the batteries should be charged for five hours once every four months. At higher storage temperatures. Liebert recommends charging batteries for five hours every two months. After five hours, disconnect from the mains supply or switch Off the input miniature circuit breaker of the UPS.

  • Page 32: Communication

    Communication OMMUNICATION Communication Interface Port The Liebert GXT3 UPS has a terminal block on the rear of the UPS unit. Several signals are provided on this port and are assigned as follows. Terminal Block The terminal block includes eight pins in four sets, as shown in Figure 18.

  • Page 33: Battery Mode Shutdown

    This timer cannot be stopped once triggered. If the utility power returns during this countdown, the Liebert GXT3 will still shut down and must remain shut down for 10 seconds. Whether the UPS turns back On when the power is restored depends on the auto-restart setting.

  • Page 34: Liebert Multilink

    Card and Liebert MultiLink License Kits, visit our Web site ( or contact your local dealer or Emerson representative. Several option cards are available for use in the Liebert IntelliSlot port of the Liebert GXT3. The Lie- bert IntelliSlot SNMP/Web Card provides SNMP and Web-based monitoring and control of the UPS across the network.

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting ROUBLESHOOTING If any technical problems should occur, check the following before contacting Liebert technical sup- port: 1. Is the mains voltage present at the UPS input? 2. Has the input fuse blown or have the circuit breakers tripped? 3. Has the UPS startup procedure been followed correctly? When contacting Liebert technical support, have the following information to hand: •...

  • Page 36: Specifications

    Specifications PECIFICATIONS Table 10 UPS specifications Specification Value Rectifier GXT3-10000T230 230VAC Single Phase (L,N,G) Nominal input voltage, VAC 230/400 Three Phase (L1,L2,L3,N,G) Input phases, VAC Single phase or three phase, automatic detection 176-280V for 1x1 Input voltage 304-485V for 3x1...

  • Page 37: Table 10 Ups Specifications

    Specifications Table 10 UPS specifications (continued) Specification Value Static Switch Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz auto selection Frequency tolerance ±3.5 Hz Voltage tolerance 100V - 280V Out-of-phase switching time (ms) in case of inverter No transfer fault and bypass is out of tolerance Overload Overload >...

  • Page 38: Table 11 Environmental Data

    Specifications Table 11 Environmental data Environmental Parameter Value Operating Temperature, °C (°F) 0 to 40 (32 to 104) refer to Table 13 - Operating temperature parameters Storage Temperature, °C (°F) 15 to 50 (5 to 122) Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing Operating Elevation Up to 1000m (3281 ft) at 30°C (86°F) without derating <55 dBA, at 1 meter (39") from the rear;...

  • Page 40

    +39 049 9719 111 Fax: +39 049 5841 257 While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this literature, Liebert Corporation assumes no Asia responsibility and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of 29/F, The Orient Square Building this information or for any errors or omissions.

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