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User Manual - 208V, 2700VA
AC Power Systems
For Business-Critical Continuity™



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    DISCONTINUED PRODUCT AC Power Systems For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert GXT2U ® ™ User Manual - 208V, 2700VA...

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Dynamic Bypass ........6 Liebert GXT2U—Rear View ......7 .

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    ROGRAM Liebert GXT2U Configuration Program Abilities ..22 What You Will Need ....... . 22 .

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    UPS if the front panel indications are not in accordance with these operating instructions or if the UPS performance alters in use. Refer all faults to your local dealer, Liebert representative or the Liebert Worldwide Support Group. Servicing of batteries should be performed or supervised by personnel knowledgeable of batteries and the required precautions.

  • Page 6

    Turn the UPS off and isolate the UPS before cleaning; use only a soft cloth, never liquid or aerosol cleaners. Keep the front and rear vents free of dust accumulation that could restrict airflow. When replacing batteries, replace with the same Liebert authorized replacement battery kits. CAUTION Do not dispose of battery or batteries in a fire.

  • Page 7: Glossary Of Symbols

    LOSSARY OF YMBOLS Risk of electrical shock Indicates caution followed by important instructions AC input AC output Requests the user to consult the manual Indicates the unit contains a valve-regulated lead acid battery Recycle DC voltage Equipment grounding conductor Bonded to ground AC voltage Standby DISCONTINUED...

  • Page 8: Introduction

    The Liebert GXT2U protects equipment from these disturbances. The Liebert GXT2U is rated for 2700 VA, 1890 watts. Complete model specifications appear at the end of this manual. The Liebert GXT2U is a compact, “on-line” UPS. An on-line UPS continuously conditions and regulates its output voltage, whether utility power is present or not.

  • Page 9: Major Components

    The battery charger utilizes energy from the utility power and precisely regulates it to continuously “float charge” the batteries. The batteries are being charged whenever the Liebert GXT2U is plugged in, even when the UPS is not turned on. DISCONTINUED...

  • Page 10: Dc-to-dc Converter

    Dynamic Bypass The Liebert GXT2U provides an alternate path for utility power to the connected load in the unlikely event of a UPS malfunction. Should the UPS have an overload, overtemperature, or UPS failure condition, the UPS automatically transfers the connected load to bypass.

  • Page 11: Liebert Gxt2u-rear View

    Liebert GXT2U—Rear View Liebert ® IntelliSlot DB-9 Port Communications Port Cooling Fans AC Input (L6-20) Input Circuit External Breaker Battery (20 amp) Connector Output Receptacle (L6-20R) Support Base Output Receptacles (L6-15R) DISCONTINUED PRODUCT...

  • Page 12: Nstallation

    The UPS is heavy (see Specifications section). Take proper precautions when lifting or moving it. 2. Decide where to place the Liebert GXT2U. Install the UPS indoors in a con- trolled environment, where it cannot be accidentally turned off. Place it in an area of unrestricted airflow around the unit, away from water, flamma- ble liquids, gases, corrosives, and conductive contaminants.

  • Page 13: Rack-mount Ups Conversion And Installation

    UPS. Optional rack mount handles Securing hardware and slide rails are sold separately. Contact your local dealer or Liebert representative for these additional options and any assis- tance needed. 2. Unpack the two (2) rack-mount-...

  • Page 14

    Install rear member of each M5 screws bracket assembly into rack enclo- Front rack sure with two (2) M5 screws pro- mounting rails vided in this kit. (See figure at right.) Return flanges on bracket assembly fit to the inside of rack mounting rails.

  • Page 15

    6. Open grease packet provided Apply in this kit. Apply a 1" long grease bead of grease four (4) places UPS or inside the bottom, curved battery tracks of front members as cabinet shown at right. The grease will allow the equipment to slide into the bracket assem- blies more easily.

  • Page 16: External Battery Cabinet Installation

    External Battery Cabinet Installation Optional Liebert external battery cabinets may be connected to the UPS to provide additional battery run time. External battery cabinets are designed to be placed all on one side of the UPS or stacked beneath the UPS. There is no limit to the number of external battery cabinets that can be used but each cabinet will increase the battery recharge time.

  • Page 17

    4. Use the enclosed support bases for the tower option to prevent tip-over. One additional set of support base extensions ships with each external battery cabinet. 5. Connect the supplied external battery cabi- net cable to the rear of the external battery cabinet, then to the rear of the UPS.

  • Page 18: Ontrols And Ndicators

    ON - Pressing this button will start up the UPS in order to provide conditioned and protected power. Alarm Silence - To silence alarms, press this button for at least one second. After the alarm is silenced, the Liebert GXT2U will reactivate the alarm system to alert of additional problems. NOTE The LOW BATTERY and BYPASS reminder alarms CANNOT be silenced.

  • Page 19: Standby/manual Bypass Button

    UPS; and during battery mode operation LED indicators display approximate battery capacity. The Liebert GXT2U is equipped with automatic and remote battery test features. The automatic test occurs every 14 days (this option is user configurable) if utility has not been interrupted. Should the battery fail this test, the red Fault indicator LED along with the A and C diagnostic LEDs will illuminate and an alarm will sound (refer to Troubleshooting section).

  • Page 20: Output Voltage Selection

    Output Voltage Selection The Output Voltage is user configurable and is designed to allow selecting or changing the desired output voltage to match the utility via the Liebert GXT2U Configuration Program provided with the UPS. The settings to choose from are 200, 208, 220, 230, and 240 VAC output. The factory default setting is 208 VAC.

  • Page 21: Instructions

    PERATING NSTRUCTIONS Normal Mode Operation During normal operation, utility power provides energy to the UPS. The filters, power factor correction circuit and the inverter process this power to provide computer grade power to connected loads. The UPS AC INPUT BATTERY UPS ON BYPASS maintains the batteries in a fully charged state.

  • Page 22: Battery Mode Operation

    Battery Mode Operation Battery mode occurs in event of an extreme input voltage condition or complete utility failure. The battery system supplies power through the DC to DC converter to the inverter to generate power for the AC INPUT BATTERY UPS ON BYPASS connected load.

  • Page 23: Communications

    OMMUNICATIONS Communications Interface Port The Liebert GXT2U UPS has a standard DB-9 serial port female connector located on the rear of the UPS unit. Several signals are provided on this port and are assigned as follows: Assignment Description Low Battery (open collector)

  • Page 24: Pins 5 & 6 - Any-mode Shutdown

    UPS setting back to the default setting using the configuration program via a serial communication link. If version 1.6 (or later) is used with an earlier Liebert GXT2U model (with an earlier UPS firmware version), the Any-Mode Shutdown features cannot be changed.

  • Page 25: Ups Intelligent Communications

    Web site ( or contact your local dealer or Liebert representative. Several option cards are available for use in the Liebert IntelliSlot port of the Liebert GXT2U. The Liebert IntelliSlot SNMP/Web Card provides SNMP and Web-based monitoring and control of the UPS across the network.

  • Page 26: Configuration Program

    ONFIGURATION ROGRAM This is a new feature included with the new Liebert GXT2U line. Several UPS settings that were previously not available or required custom manufacturing may now be modified using this program. For most users, the factory default settings will be adequate. This manual illustrates the features available for modification, as well as the factory default setting.

  • Page 27: Maintenance

    UPS in for at least 24 hours every four to six months to ensure full recharge of the batteries. The Liebert GXT2U is designed to allow the user to safely replace the internal batteries. Read the safety cautions before proceeding. Contact your local dealer or Liebert representative to obtain the appropriate replacement battery kit part number and pricing.

  • Page 28: Internal Battery Replacement Procedures

    Compare new and old battery assemblies to make sure they are the same. If so, proceed with Step 6; otherwise STOP and contact your local dealer, Lie- bert representative, or the Liebert Worldwide Support Group. 6. Line up and slide in the new replacement battery pack.

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    ROUBLESHOOTING The information below indicates various symptoms a user may encounter in the event the Liebert GXT2U develops a problem. Use this information to determine whether external factors caused the problem and how to remedy the situation. 1. The Fault indicator will illuminate, indicating the UPS detected a problem.

  • Page 30: Troubleshooting Guide

    UPS. battery time. Replace batteries. Contact your local dealer, Liebert representa- Batteries may not be able to tive or the Liebert Worldwide hold a full charge due to age. Support Group for replacement battery kit. Check load level display and Fault and Bypass remove non-essential loads.

  • Page 31

    Cause Solution Fault and Bypass UPS requires service. Contact indicator LEDs and UPS PFC (Power Factor Cor- your local dealer, Liebert repre- diagnostic LED D rection Circuit) fault. sentative or the Liebert World- are illuminated. wide Support Group. Fault and Bypass UPS requires service.

  • Page 32

    Alarm Conditions Condition Alarm One short beep every 10 seconds; more than 2 minutes Battery Mode (utility failure) of run time remaining Two short beeps every 5 seconds; less than 2 minutes Low Battery of run time remaining Output Overload (bypass) One short beep every half second Overtemperature (bypass) A one-second beep every 4 seconds...

  • Page 33: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS Model Number GXT2-2700RT208 Model Rating 2700VA/1890W DIMENSIONS: in. (mm) Unit - W x D x H: in. (mm) 3.5 x 24.2 x 17 (87 x 618 x 430) Shipping - W x D x H: in. (mm) 10.5 x 27.2 x 23 (268 x 692 x 585) WEIGHT lbs (kg) Unit: lbs (kg) 75.2 (34.1) Shipping: lbs (kg) 84.9 (38.5)

  • Page 34: Battery Cabinet Specifications

    Battery Cabinet Specifications Model Number GXT2-72VBATT Used w/ UPS Model GXT2-2700RT208 DIMENSIONS in (mm) Unit - W x D x H in. (mm) 3.5 x 24.2 x 17 (87 x 618 x 430) Shipping - W x D x H in. (mm) 10.5 x 27.2 x 23 (268 x 692 x 585) WEIGHT, lb (kg) Unit: lbs (kg) 93.6 (42.5) Shipping: lbs (kg) 102.5 (46.5)

  • Page 35: Battery Run Times

    Battery Run Times Load % Estimated Time Internal Battery (minutes) 100% Internal Battery + 1 External Battery Cabinet (minutes) 100% Internal Battery + 2 External Battery Cabinets (minutes) 100% 1092 Internal Battery + 3 External Battery Cabinets (minutes) 100% DISCONTINUED PRODUCT...

  • Page 36: Product Warranty Registration

    Product Warranty Registration To register for warranty protection: • Visit the Quick Links section of our Web site at: • Click on Product Warranty Registration and fill in the form. If you have any questions, please contact us at:...

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    Fax: 852 28029250 614-888-0246 While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this literature, Liebert Corporation assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of this information or for any errors or omissions.

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