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System Specifications - Polaroid 8035 Repair Manual

Propalette 8k series color film recorders
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8K Series ProPalette Repair Manual

System Specifications

Image precision
Image quality
Color depth
LCD Display/Controls 20 character by 2 line interactive LCD display, 4-button command keys
High resolution 7" CRT with anti-reflection & anti-static coating
All models - custom 6-element glass lenses:
35mm - 43.53mm, f/6
- 101mm, f/6.7
- 74mm, f/5.5
Glass dichroic filters
Custom CRT face plate optics
Automatic exposure and color balance control
Geometry correction
Dynamic focus circuitry
Any resolution up to a maximum resolution of 8192 horizontal x 5460
vertical lines (35mm); 8192 horizontal x 6370 vertical lines (4 x 5); 8182
horizontal x 6702 vertical lines (6 x 7)
36 bits per pixel (12 bits per color)
16.8 million colors per image from of a 68 billion color palette
PC environment:
• Pentium class 150 mHz or faster processor
• 32 MB of RAM (64 MB for Windows NT)
• 15 MB program and 30 MB swap disk space
• Windows 95; Windows 98; or Windows NT
• DOS required for firmware upgrade utility
• Parallel port or SCSI adapter card required
Macintosh environment: (Non-Power PC)
• Palette for Macintosh
• 68K based Macintosh computer
• System 7.6 or higher
• SCSI interface
Macintosh environment (Power PC)
RasterPlus for Macintosh
Mac OS 7.5 or later (excluding OS 8.0)
PowerPC class processor
40 MB of RAM
10 MB of program and 30 MB of hard drive space
Unix environment:
Supported through third party manufacturer
4 MB DRAM for printer memory, 512 KB flash memory for firmware and
camera optimization data storage



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