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Cooling Fan Operation Selection (pr. 244) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual

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Pr. 232 to Pr. 239 Î Refer to Pr. 4.
Pr. 240 Î Refer to Pr. 72.

Cooling fan operation selection (Pr. 244)

Pr. 244 "cooling fan operation selection"
You can control the operation of the cooling fan built in the inverter (200V class, 1.5K or more).
Factory Setting
Operated at power on (independently of whether the inverter is running or at a stop).
Cooling fan on-off control valid
(The cooling fan is always on while the inverter is running. During a stop, the inverter status
is monitored and the fan switches on-off according to temperature.)
In either of the following cases, fan operation is regarded as faulty, [FN] is shown on the operation panel, and
the fan fault (FAN) and light fault (LF) signals are output. Use Pr. 190 to Pr. 195 (multi-function outputs) to
allocate the terminals used to output the FAN and LF signals.
1) Pr. 244 = "0"
When the fan comes to a stop with power on.
2) Pr. 244 = "1"
When the fan stops during the fan ON command while the inverter is running, or when the fan starts
during the fan OFF command.
Note: When the terminal functions are changed using Pr. 190 to Pr. 195, the other functions may be
affected. Confirm the functions of the corresponding terminals before making setting.
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Setting Range
0, 1


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