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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual Page 110

Transistorized inverter, high function & low acoustic noise.
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How to make a restart after a stop made by the [STOP] key from the PU during external
(1) Operation panel (FR-DU04)
1) After completion of deceleration to a stop, switch off the STF or STR signal.
2) Press the [MODE] key three times* to call the
(*: For monitor screen)
3) Press the [SET] key.
4) Turn on the STF or STR signal.
(2) Parameter unit (FR-PU04)
1) After completion of deceleration to a stop, switch off the STF or STR signal.
2) Press the [EXT] key.
3) Switch on the STF or STR signal.
Note: 1. By entering the reset signal (RES) during operation, the inverter shuts off output while it is reset,
the data of the electronic overcurrent protection and regenerative brake duty are reset, and the
motor coasts.
2. The PU disconnection detection function judges that the PU connector is disconnected when it is
removed from the inverter for more than 1 second. If the PU had been disconnected before
power-on, it is not judged as an alarm.
3. To resume operation, reset the inverter after confirming that the PU is connected securely.
4. When PU disconnection detection is set and the PU is then disconnected during PU jog
operation, the motor decelerates to a stop. The motor will not stop if a PU disconnection alarm
5. The Pr. 75 value can be set any time. Also, if parameter (all) clear is executed, this setting will not
return to the initial value.
6. When the motor is stopped by the PU stop function, PS is displayed but an alarm is not output.
When the PU connector is used for RS-485 communication operation, the reset selection and PU
stop selection functions are valid but the PU disconnection detection function is invalid.
7. The reset key of the PU is only valid when the protective function is activated, independent of the
Pr. 75 setting.
8. When Pr. 79 = "3", press the [MODE] key three times, then press the [UP/DOWN] key to display
Do not reset the inverter with the start signal on.
Otherwise, the motor will start instantly after resetting, which may lead to hazardous conditions.
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indication. (Note 8)


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