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Inverter Replacement - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter, high function & low acoustic noise.
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( 2 ) Smoothing capacitors
A large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for smoothing the DC in the main circuit, and an
aluminum electrolytic capacitor is also used for stabilizing the control power in the control circuit. Their
characteristics are adversely affected by ripple current, etc. When the inverter is operated in an ordinary, air-
conditioned environment, change the capacitors about every 5 years. When 5 years have elapsed, the
capacitors will deteriorate more rapidly.
Check the capacitors at least every year (less than six months if their life will be expired soon).
Check the following:
1) Case (side faces and bottom face for expansion)
2) Sealing plate (for remarkable warping and extreme cracks)
3) Explosion-proof valve (for excessive valve expansion and operation)
4) Appearance, external cracks, discoloration, leakage. When the measured capacitance of the capacitor has
reduced below 85% of the rating, change the capacitor.
( 3 ) Relays
To prevent a contact fault, etc., relays must be changed according to the number of accumulative switching
times (switching life).
See the following table for the inverter parts replacement guide. Lamps and other short-life parts must also be
changed during periodic inspection.
Replacement Parts of the Inverter
Part Name
Cooling fan
Smoothing capacitor in main circuit
Smoothing capacitor on control board

5.3.7 Inverter replacement

The inverter can be changed with the control circuit wiring kept connected. Before replacement, remove the
screws in the wiring cover of the inverter.
1) Remove the mounting screws in both ends of the control circuit terminal block.
2) With both hands, pull down the terminal block from the back of the control circuit terminals.
3) When installing the terminal block to a new inverter, exercise care not to bend the pins of the control circuit
terminal block connector.
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Standard Replacement Interval
2 to 3 years
5 years
5 years
Change (as required)
Change (as required)
Change the board (as required)
Change as required


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