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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual Page 125

Transistorized inverter, high function & low acoustic noise.
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Factory Setting
<Operating conditions>
Data required for online auto tuning is calculated in offline auto tuning. Before starting the operation of
this function, always execute the offline auto tuning once more. The offline auto tuning is also required
for use of the Mitsubishi standard motor (SF-JR) or constant-torque motor (SF-JRCA).
Offline auto tuning should be carried out with "101" (motor running) set in Pr. 96 and with the motor
disconnected from the load. (The motor may be connected with inertia load.)
<Operating procedure>
1) Read the Pr. 96 value and make sure that its setting is "3 or 103" (offline auto tuning complete).
2) Set "1" in Pr. 95 to select the online auto tuning.
3) Before starting operation, make sure that the following parameter values have been set:
(Used as either the rated motor current or electronic overcurrent protection parameter)
Applied motor
Motor capacity (down to one rank lower, between 0.4kW and 55kW)
Number of motor poles
4) Give the run command in the PU or external operation mode.
Note: 1. If any of the inverter starting conditions are not satisfied, e.g. when MRS is input, if the set
frequency is lower than the starting frequency (Pr. 13) value, or during an inverter error, the
online auto tuning is not activated.
2. For a restart during deceleration or DC dynamic brake operation, the online auto tuning is not
3. The online auto tuning is invalid for programmed operation or jog operation.
4. When automatic restart after instantaneous power failure is selected, it overrides the online
auto tuning.
5. For use in vertical lift application, examine the use of a brake sequence for brake opening
timing at the start. Though the tuning ends in about a maximum of 500ms after a start,
enough torque is not provided during that period. Therefore, note that the load may drop with
6. Zero current detection and output current detection are also valid during the online auto
7. The RUN signal is not output during the online auto tuning. The RUN signal switches on at a
8. When programmed operation is selected (Pr. 79 = 5), the online auto tuning is invalid and is
not executed.
9. If the period between inverter stop and restart is within 4 seconds, the online auto tuning is
executed but operation will not reflect the tuning results.
Pr. 96 Î Refer to Pr. 82.
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Setting Range
0, 1
1: Online auto tuning


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