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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual Page 96

Transistorized inverter, high function & low acoustic noise.
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When 100 is set in Pr. 52, the monitored values during stop and during operation differ as indicated below:
(The LED on the left of Hz flickers during a stop and is lit during running.)
During operation/during
Output frequency
Output frequency
Output current
Output voltage
Alarm display
Note: 1. During an error, the output frequency at error occurrence is displayed.
2. During MRS, the values are the same as during a stop. During offline auto tuning, the tuning status
monitor has priority.
Note: 1. The monitoring of items marked × cannot be selected.
2. By setting "0" in Pr. 52, the monitoring of "output frequency to alarm display" can be selected in
sequence by the SHIFT key.
3. *"Frequency setting to output terminal status" on the PU main monitor are selected by "other
monitor selection" of the parameter unit (FR-PU04).
4. **The load meter is displayed in %, with the current set in Pr. 56 regarded as 100%.
5. The motor torque display is valid only in the advanced magnetic flux vector control mode.
6. The actual operation time displayed by setting "23" in Pr. 52 is calculated using the inverter
operation time. (Inverter stop time is not included.) Set "0" in Pr. 171 to clear it.
7. When Pr. 53 = "0", the level meter display of the parameter unit can be erased.
8. By setting "1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 17 or 18" in Pr. 53, the full-scale value can be set in Pr. 55 or Pr. 56.
9. The cumulative operation time and actual operation time are calculated from 0 to 65535 hours,
then cleared, and recalculated from 0.
When the operation panel (FR-DU04) is used, the display shows "----" after 9999 or more hours
have elapsed.
Whether 9999 or more hours have elapsed or not can be confirmed on the parameter unit
10. The actual operation time is not calculated unless the inverter has operated for longer than one
hour continuously.
11. When the operation panel (FR-DU04) is used, the display unit is Hz, V or A only.
12. The orientation status functions when the FR-A5AP option is used. If the option is not used, "22"
may be set in Pr. 52 and the value displayed remains "0" and the function is invalid.
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Pr. 52
During stop
Set frequency
Output current
Output voltage
Alarm display
During operation
Output frequency


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