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User Initial Value Setting (pr. 199) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A520-0.4K -55K Instruction Manual

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User initial value setting (Pr. 199)

Pr. 199 "user's initial value setting"
Among the parameters, you can set user-only parameter initial values. These values may be set to 16
By performing user clear operation from the operation panel or parameter unit, you can initialize the
parameters to the user-set initial values. Note that the parameters of which initial values have not been set
are initialized to the factory settings by user clear operation.
You can read the user's initial value list in the help mode of the parameter unit (FR-PU04).
Factory Setting
The read Pr. 199 value is displayed as the number of parameters registered.
<Setting example>
(1) To set "1" in Pr. 7 and "2" in Pr. 8 as user's initial values. (Operation from the FR-DU04)
1) Set "1" (target initial value) in Pr. 7.
2) Set "2" (target initial value) in Pr. 8.
3) Press the [SET] key to read Pr. 199. The number of
parameters having user's initial values are then displayed.
4) Further press the [SET] key for 1.5 seconds.
The parameter setting screen is then displayed.
5) Select Pr. 7 and Pr. 8 with the [UP/DOWN] key and
press the [SET] key for 1.5 seconds to enter.
6) Through the above steps, the initial values of Pr. 7 and
Pr. 8 are registered.
The settings of the parameters whose numbers are set in Pr. 199 (i.e. Pr. 7 = 1, Pr. 8 = 2 in the above
example) are user's initial values.
(2) Deletion of user's initial values
By writing "9999" to Pr. 199 (and pressing the [SET] key for 1.5 seconds), the user's initial values
registered are batch-deleted.
Note: 1. When user's initial values for Pr. 902 to Pr. 905 are set, one parameter uses the area of two
parameters for registration.
2. As this setting is concerned with user-cleared initial values, the parameter numbers which cannot
be cleared cannot be set.
3. The operation panel (FR-DU04) cannot be used to refer to user's initial values.
4. Values cannot be registered to Pr. 201 to Pr. 231.
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Setting Range
0 to 999, 9999
Related parameter
Pr. 77 "parameter write disable


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