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Troubleshooting - Siemens E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02 Service Manual

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Compressor Compact


Before you start any troubleshooting, begin if
possible by questioning the person reporting
the fault. Ask how the fault appeared.
Make sure that there has been no operating
error. For this purpose, see also the chapter
Troubleshooting in the Operating Manual.
There should be a logical trend to your
troubleshooting. First try to trace the faulty
function. Then the most suitable procedure is
to track down the exact fault by
systematically replacing individual parts, one
at a time.
The compressor will not start; the mains
power lamp does not come on:
The compressor runs, but the mains power
lamp does not come on:
No compressed air is delivered although the
compressor is running:
E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02
One purpose of the Description of functions,
the Circuit and connection diagrams, and the
Block diagram in this Service Manual is to
make it easier to trace faults.
With mains power supply connected to
the unit, there are energized electrical
components as well as moving
mechanical parts inside the equipment.
All personnel must exercise extreme
caution when in the vicinity of this
equipment if fault tracing or adjustments
are performed with mains power supply
connected and with the compressor
cover or front panel opened or removed.
• Check the mains power supply and mains
• Inspect all electrical cables and connectors.
Tighten loose connectors and/or replace
damaged components.
• Check that there is 12 V DC present. If the
thermal switch in the transformer has
tripped, no 12 V DC is present. Refer to
chapter "Description of functions" section
"3.10 Electric power supply".
• Inspect the electrical connections to the
control section PC board. Tighten loose
connectors and/or replace damaged
• Replace the control section PC board.
• Check the compressed air outlet for
obstruction or damage and replace it if
• Inspect the internal compressed air tubing.
Clear obstructions, tighten loose connec-
tors and/or replace faulty components.
• Check the operation of the compressor.
Overhaul or replace it if necessary.
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