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Introduction; General - Siemens E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02 Service Manual

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The Compressor Compact is designed to
supply medical-grade compressed air.
The compressor has a capacity of approx.
40 l/min at a pressure of 400 kPa (4.0 bar).
The Compressor Compact can be placed on
the ventilator cart to form a compact unit
which is easy to move.
The Compressor Compact is well insulated
against noise and therefore does not cause
disturbance when used during operations.
The Compressor Compact is fitted with two
alarms: a temperature alarm that is activated
if the compressor should overheat and a
pressure alarm that is activated if the air
pressure in the compressed air reservoir
The Compressor Compact is available in a
number of versions each adapted to different
mains power supply and frequence. With the
exception of the ratings of various electrical
components these versions are identical.
The Compressor Compact can be equipped
with a standby function. In the standby
mode, the compressor will start to deliver
compressed air if the hospital central gas
supply fails.
Siemens-Elema AB
Compressor Compact
E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02



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