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Drive Belt - Siemens E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02 Service Manual

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Compressor Compact
E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02

Drive belt

A drive belt is included in the 8000 hour
maintenance kit. When this overhaul is
performed, the compressor/motor unit is
removed from its mountings and it is
therefore suitable to replace the drive belt
when the compressor/motor unit has been
removed. However, the compressor/motor
unit does not have to be removed only to
replace the drive belt.
To remove the drive belt
• Open the front cover and remove the rear
cover and the casing as described in the
section Compressor covers.
• Remove the screw (1) and loosen the
screw (2). This will release the torsion
spring in the belt tightener.
• Remove ("roll-off") the drive belt (3).
To refit the drive belt
• The procedure for refitting the drive belt is
the reverse of the removal procedure
previously described. The belt tightener
must be pre-tensioned manually while the
screw (1) is fitted. Use a 23 mm open-end
wrench to position the belt tightener's
square socket (4) while fitting the screw.
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