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Siemens E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02 Service Manual page 13

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Compressor Compact
As motors fitted with a self-resetting
termal switch can restart automatically,
all personnel must exercise extreme
caution when in the vicinity of this equip-
ment if fault tracing is performed with
mains power supply connected and with
the compressor cover opened or
The motion of the motor is transmitted to the
compressor by the 1.5 DRIVE UNIT.
Drive unit
The DRIVE UNIT transmits the motor's
motion to the compressor. The drive unit
consists of two grooved belt pulleys, a drive
belt and a spring-loaded belt tightener.
The two pulleys are mounted on the motor
shaft and compressor shaft with clamp
bushes (see chapter Disassembling and
assembling for further information).
The transmission ratio is approx. 1 : 2.7 for the
60 Hz motor and 1 : 2.3 for the 50 Hz motor.
The tension of the drive belt is automatically
adjusted by the belt tightener.
The drive belt must be replaced at the 8000
hour overhaul.
E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02
The COMPRESSOR is an oil free twin-
cylinder assembly in which the filtered air is
compressed by the action of the twin pistons.
A manifold pipe is connected between the
two cylinder heads so that the compressed
air generated collectively by both pistons is
available at a single outlet on one of the
cylinder heads.
The compressor's capacity is at least a flow
rate of 40 l/min at a pressure of 400 kPa
(4.0 bar). The compressor speed is approx.
1250 r/min.
A complete overhaul of the compressor must
be performed at the 8000 hour overhaul.
Heat convector
Preliminary cooling of the compressed air is
provided by the HEAT CONVECTOR. This
heat convector is connected to the output of
the 1.6 COMPRESSOR and supplies com-
pressed air to the 2. COOLING SECTION.
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