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Important - Siemens E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02 Service Manual

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General information
The documentation for the Compressor Compact
consists of:
• Operating Manual
• Service Manual
• Spare Parts List
For proper servicing, the Operating Manual and
the Spare Parts List are indispensable
complements to this Service Manual.
Data on pressures in the Compressor Compact
are given in Pa (bar):
1 kPa = 10 mbar
1 kPa = 0.01 bar
1 kPa ≈ 10 cm H
1 kPa ≈ 0.01 at
1 kPa ≈ 0.01 kgf/cm
1 kPa ≈ 0.01 kp/cm
1 kPa ≈ 0.145 psi
In addition to the Important information given
here, always pay attention to applicable national
If not stated otherwise in this manual:
• The 100 V/50 Hz, 100 V/60 Hz and 115 V/60 Hz
versions are refered to as the 115 V version.
• The 230 V/50 Hz and 240 V/60 Hz versions are
refered to as the 230 V version.
Hazard notices
The Compressor Compact operates from mains
power supply. With power connected to the unit,
there are energized electrical components as well
as moving mechanical parts inside the equipment.
All personnel must exercise extreme caution when
in the vicinity of this equipment if fault tracing or
adjustments are performed with mains power
supply connected and with the compressor cover
or front panel opened or removed.
The Compressor Compact generates compressed
air at a pressure of 400 kPa (4.0 bar). Do not
attempt to connect or disconnect the compressed
air line or service the compressor section while
compressed air is being supplied. Do not direct
the compressed air line toward the eyes or directly
onto unprotected skin surfaces.
1 mbar = 0.1 kPa
1 bar = 100 kPa
O ≈ 0.1 kPa
1 cm H
1 at ≈ 100 kPa
≈ 100 kPa
1 kgf/cm
≈ 100 kPa
1 kp/cm
1 psi ≈ 6.9 kPa
• Class I equipment.
according to IEC 601-1.
Type B
Functional check
After any service intervention in the Compressor
Compact, perform a functional check according to
the instructions in the Operating Manual.
Your local Siemens representative supplies the
spare parts indicated in the Spare Parts List.
When ordering spare parts, please state the serial
number of the unit.
The Compressor Compact is oil free, and oil must
not be used when servicing the compressor.
The Compressor Compact must be serviced at
regular intervals as follows:
• 2000 hour overhaul when replacing filters as
described in this Service Manual.
• 8000 hour overhaul as described in this Service
To the responsible service personnel
The contents of this document are not binding. If
any significant difference between the product and
this documentation is found, please contact your
local Siemens representative for further
We reserve the right to modify products without
amending this document or advising the user.
We recommend that only Siemens authorized
personnel should be permitted to service or repair
the Compressor Compact, and that only Siemens-
Elema genuine spare parts should be used.
Siemens does not otherwise assume responsibility
for the materials used, the work performed, or any
possible consequences of same.
Siemens-Elema AB
Compressor Compact
E382 EH81E 061 01 03 02



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