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of fo ur-wheel drive
The acceleration
Using winter tyres
- e special drive concept of the Trans-
Dorter/Caravelle syncro, when corn-
e r e d with a vehicle which only has a
:.-. o-wheel drive, has advantages in re-
spect of the following points:
~he drivability
decisive for the drivability - particularly
: n slippery roads - is the grip between
the four wheels and the road surface.
On vehicles with two-wheel drive, the
driving wheels can spin on slippery sur-
faces if too much acceleration is applied.
This greatly impairs their grip. Under un-
favourable conditions, this could cause
the vehicle to break away.
By distributing the driving forces to four
instead of two wheels the lateral forces
which can be transmitted are increased
on the Transporter/Caravelle
and the vehicle is less likely to break
As the driving force to be put onto the
road goes to four wheels instead of two,
the amount of slip is considerably re-
duced. This improves the adhesion bet-
ween tyre and road surface and thereby,
the acceleration capabilities on slippery
road surfaces.
The traction
Four-wheel drive increases the traction
a great deal. This is of particular benefit
on snow and ice, when moving off, and
when driving on difficult mountain roads.
Driving under such conditions is less
hazardous with the Transporter/Cara-
velle syncro:
There is no longer any need to drive past
obstacles at speeds on slippery uphill
stretches, because one is afraid of be-
coming stuck, one can approach slowly,
stop and then, start off again.
With the four-Wheel drive concept the
Transporter/Caravelle syncro has good
winter driving properties even with stan-
dard tyres. However, the use of winter
or allweather tyres, on all wheels, is re-
commended in order to obtain even
better cornering and braking behaviour.
Snow chains see page 82.
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