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Driving cross country
Before driving for the first time over diffi-
cult terrain, it is advisable to make your-
self familiar with the vehicle on normal
roads, and also under easier off-road
conditions. For safe driving cross coun-
try, the following rules are of great im-
Always wear your seat belt.
Timely gear changing takes care of
the engine and prevents the vehicle from
bogging down.
Never drive with the clutch slipping as
this leads to premature wear.
The more uneven and creviced the
terrain is, the lower speed must be. Pay
attention to the vehicle's ground clear-
Do not drive over small embank-
ments or declines at excessive speed.
This can lead to bouncing during which
it would be impossible to avoid any
obstacle which may suddenly appear.
In addition it could lead to vehicle da-
Drive down gradients in the same
gear as you would drive up.
Embankments, gradients and similar
obstacles should only be driven up or
down at right angles, i.e. directly in line
with the slope.
If however one is forced to drive
across a slope and the vehicle tends to
tip, one should immediately steer di-
rectly into the slope.
Before driving through water, deter-
mine the depth - the permissible wading
depth (see technical data) must not be
To prevent the engine from drawing in
water through the intake air preheater
and being damaged when wading, there
is a valve in the engine compartment on
the right behind the maintenance flap
with which the intake air preheating can
be closed. The valve is closed by press-
ing it down and turning it to the right.
After traversing water or mud one
should drive a short distance with brakes
lightly applied. The linings must be dried
out properly. By doing this, one prevents
the brakes from pulling to one side, or a
delayed braking effect.
After driving through deep water it is
necessary to remove the engine oil dip-
stick in order to check whether any
drops of water are present, or to check
whether the oil level has increased. If the
answer is "yes" then the oil must be
renewed immediately. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans


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