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Seat belts are only beneficial if they are
worn at all times - also in town traffic.
For this reason all vehicle occupants
should always wear the seat belts - in-
cluding those on the rear seats.
With the three-point belts it is essential
to ensure that the shoulder part of belt
runs roughly over the centre of the
shoulder, as shown in Fig. on next page -
on no account against the neck.
On the front seats the belts can be made
to fit properly with the aid of the adjust-
able belt anchorage (see next page).
Contact your V.A.G workshop if necess-
Safety for children
Children under 12 years old should be
carried on the rear seat (Caravelle and
Combi) and should, depending on age,
be secured there with a childs restraint
system or the existing belt.
Very small children should, depending
on size be carried in a reclining safety
seat or a child's seat.
Children above 6 years of age can also
use a lap belt.
Larger children may use three point
belts provided that the belt passes
over centre of shoulder and not against
the child's neck - see illustration on next
page. If necessary, a safety seat cushion
can be used.
The installation and use of child restraint
systems must be done in accordance
with instructions of the manufacturer
General notes
Only one person is to be secured with
each belt. Never secure two people
(even children) with one belt.
On vehicles with armrests*for the seats,
always ensure that the belt runs under-
neath the armrests.
The belt should not be worn over hard or
breakable articles (glasses, ball pens,
key rings, pipes, etc.) because this can
cause injury to the body.
Loose, bulky clothing (e.g. overcoats
over jackets) affects the fit and function
of the belts.
The belt must not be jammed anywhere
or rub on any sharp edges.
The slot for the belt tongue must not be
blocked with paper or anything as other-
wise the tongue cannot engage properly.
The belts must be kept clean as other-
wise the retractors may not work pro-
perly (see also "Care and Maintenance"
Seat belts which are damaged or have
been stressed in an accident and stretch-
ed must be replaced - preferably by a
V.A.G workshop. The anchorages should
also be checked.
Belts can be service installed for all
seating positions on vehicles not fitted
with belts at the factory. The installation
of belts should be done by a V.A.G
workshop because these workshops
have the information necessary to do
the job properly.
On the Van there are no belt anchorages
in the load compartment.
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