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The following points are of particular
importance to the safe operation of the
New brake linings must also be run in
and do not have the optimum friction
properties during the first 200 km. The
slightly reduced braking effect can be
compensated for by slightly more pres-
sure on the brake pedal. This also applies
.vhen new linings have been fitted.
On hills change down in good time to
~iake use of the braking effect of engine,
"his relieves strain on the brake system.
,Vhen brakes are applied do not keep
:nem on continuously, apply and release
After driving through water, driving in
~eavy rain or washing the car, the brak-
ng effect can be retarded slightly. The
cads must be dried first by applying the
~he full braking force may also be re-
tarded when vehicle has been driven for
some time on heavily salted roads with-
out using the brakes because the layer
Df salt on discs and pads has to be re-
moved first.
urther details - particularly for vehicles
.vith four wheel drive - are given on
cage 61.
Brake lining wear depends to a large
extent on the operating conditions and
style of driving. On vehicles which are
used mainly in town traffic and stop/start
conditions or are driven hard it may be
necessary to have the thickness of the
brake linings checked in a V.A.G work-
shop in between the intervals given in
the service schedule.
If the brake pedal travel increases
suddenly, it may be that one of the two
brake circuits has failed. You can still
drive on to the next V.A.G workshop but
be prepared to use more pressure on
the pedal and allow for longer braking
distances on the way.
The failure of a brake circuit is shown by
the lighting up of the brake warning
l a m p * (see also page 33).
The brake fluid level must be checked
regularly - see next page.
Brake servo
The servo is operated by vacuum which
is only available when engine is running.
For this reason the vehicle should not
be allowed to roll with engine not runn-
When the brake servo is not working be-
cause, for example, the vehicle is being
towed or because a defect has occured
on the brake servo, the brake pedal must
be pressed harder. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans


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