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Fuel injection engines
The engine is fitted with a fuel injection
system which automatically supplies the
correct fuel/air mixture for all operating
conditions. The starting procedure de-
scribed here is applicable regardless of
ambient or engine temperature:
Switch ignition on and start engine
straightaway. Do not depress accelera-
Only if the engine does not start the
first time, should the accelerator pedal
be depressed slowly during the next
attempt to start. When engine starts
release accelerator pedal immediately.
Diesel engines
Glow plugs
The engine is fitted with glow plugs. The
time the plugs are on is indicated by a
lamp which is controlled by the coolant
temperature - see page 33.
Cold starting aid
To facilitate starting from cold, there is
a cold starting device in the injection
pump. This cold starting aid is operated
with the knob on the left near the steer-
ing column (see illustration on page 2,
item 20).
Starting a cold engine
At ambient temperatures down to
-15° C, pull cold start knob out fully
before operating starter.
At lower temperatures, the knob should
not be pulled out until engine is firing
regularly - the engine will then start
more readily.
Turn ignition key to position 2 glow
plug lamp comes on. It goes out when
the ignition temperature is reached (see
page 29).
To avoid draining battery unnecessar-
ily, do not switch any other heavy cur-
rent consumers on while glow plugs
are on.
As soon as lamp goes out, start en-
gine. - Do not depress accelerator when
operating the starter on an engine with-
out turbocharger. On engines with turbo-
charger, depress accelerator about Vbof
pedal travel. If engine only fires irregular-
ly, continue to operate starter a few
seconds longer (30 seconds at maxi-
mum) until engine runs under its own
If engine does not start, wait about 30
seconds, switch glow plugs on again and
try starting it again as described.
If the engine still does not start the
fuse for the glow plugs may have blown -
page 95.
30 - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans


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