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D O - I T - Y O U R S E L F
Headlight bulb (H3)*
(Inner headlight on vehicles with dual
Turn cap to left and take off.
Pull wire connector off.
Unhook spring clip holding bulb and
swing it away.
Take bulb out and insert new bulb so
that the locating lug on bulb plate en-
gages recess in reflector.
Swing spring clip over bulb plate.
Squeeze clip together and engage it in
the retaining lugs.
Attach wire again.
Install cap and turn to right.
Have headlight setting checked.
Fog lights (H3)*
Remove screw on underside of fog
Take insert out.
Pull wire for bulb out of cable connec-
Unhook spring clip and fold it away.
Take bulb out. Insert new bulb so that
locating lug on reflector engages recess
on bulb plate.
Swing clip over bulb plate. Squeeze
ends together and engage in retaining
Insert bulb wire in cable connector.
Install insert - upper side first - in the
housing and secure with screw.
Have setting of light checked.
Rear lights
Remove screws and take off lens and
bulb holder.
Squeeze tabs together and take hol-
der out. (On some versions there is only
one tab.)
Press bulb in, turn it to left and take
it out.
Fit new bulb.
Install holder - tabs must engage -
and install screws.
Front turn signals
Take lens off.
Pull rubber cap off.
Press tab on bulb holder inwards and
take holder out of housing.
Turn bulb slightly to left and renew.
Press rubber cap on again carefully
and install lens.
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