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- Coolant temperature/
coolant level
This lamp flashes for a few seconds as
a functional check when ignition is
switched on.
If the lamp does not go out afterwards
or flashes when driving, either the coolant
temperature is too high or the coolant
level is too low.
Stop at once, switch engine off and
check if the radiator fan is running (by
listening). The fan is at the front behind
the radiator grille. If the fan is not running,
check fuse and replace if necessary -
see page 94.
If the fan is in order, check coolant level
and top up if necessary.
Caution. Danger of scalding.
For further details see page 72.
If the warning lamp does not go out even
though the coolant level, and fan fuse are
in order, do not drive further - get expert
If the trouble is only caused by the fan
and assuming coolant level is in order
and warning lamp is out - one can drive
on to the next V.A.G workshop. In order
to make a good use of the air stream for
cooling do not let engine idle or drive
very slowly.
- Glow plugs
(Diesel engine only)
When engine is cold, the warning lamp
comes on when key is turned to drive
position (ignition on).
When the lamp goes out, start engine
immediately - see page 30.
When engine is warm the glow plug lamp
does not come on - the engine can be
started straight away.
O O - Turn signals
The warning lamp flashes when turn sig-
nals are switched on. If a turn signal fails,
the warning lamp flashes twice as fast.
(Not when towing a trailer). Further de-
tails are on page 38.
- High beams
The warning lamp comes on when high
beams are on or headlight flasher is
(©) - Brake system
The warning l a m p * comes on when
the handbrake is applied
the fluid level is low
If the lamp does not go out when hand-
brake is released or comes on when
driving, the fluid level in reservoir is
too low. If at the same time the pedal
free travel increases, one of the two
hydraulic circuits may have failed.
You can drive on to the nearest V.A.G
workshop but allow for higher pedal
pressures and longer braking distan-
ces on the way.
Trailer turn signals*
The warning lamp flashes when turn si-
gnals are switched on when towing a
If a turn signal fails on trailer or vehicle,
the warning lamp does not flash.
Differential locks* or selectable four
wheel drive*
locks on four wheel drive models or for
selectable 4 wheel drive - see page
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