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Setting the time
=ress and hold clock button E.
Set clock with buttons A.
me display lights up as long as button
= oressed. When button is released the
: splay goes out or, if a time has been
deselected, the selected time lights up
• r 2 sees.
To switch heater on or off
This is done by pressing button F.
,Vhen heater is switched on the warning
amp G lights up.
Preselecting starting time for heater
(stationary operation, ignition off)
With buttons C two different switch-on
times can be selected within 24 hours.
Press and hold button. The appro-
priate figure 1 or 2 appears in display.
The ready-for-action lamp lights up.
The heater can only work if the lever
for the heat output is pushed fully to
the right. This closes an electrical con-
Set required switch-on time with
buttons A. The display remains on for
about 20 seconds after releasing button
In order to ensure that the heater starts
up at the selected time, the lever fot the
heat output must be pushed fully over
to the right. In addition to this the blower
must be switched to stage 1. On account
of the higher current consumption, a
higher stage should only be selected in
isolated cases.
Switching preselected time off
The preselected time can be switch-
ed off by briefly pressing the appropriate
button C. The ready-for-action lamp and
the figure in display then go out.
See page 95.
Every time the heater is switched off,
the warm air and combustion air blowers
continue running briefly to cool the hea-
ter down quicker.
To avoid draining the battery, do not
run the heater repeatedly when the en-
gine is not running.
When driving through mud and snow, the
exhaust pipe may tend to get blocked.
Have a look at it occasionally to see that
it is clear.
According to official German regula-
The heat exchanger in the heater is only
to be used for 10 years. After this period
the heat exchanger must be replaced in
a V.A.G workshop. The year in which the
heater is first put into operation is mark-
ed on the nameplate on the heater.
The V.A.G workshop must then put the
date of the repair on the plate on the
heat exchanger.
In enclosed spaces and when filling
the fuel tank, the heater must be
switched off.
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