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j B 2 5 - 3 1 9 |
Apply h a n d b r a k e firmly. If the car is
: I a slope, p l a c e a stone or s o m e similar
behind one of the w h e e l s on the
: : o o s i t e side.
~"~e wheel trim c a p s are r e m o v e d with
r e bar a n d wire hook:
ace hook in the two holes on e d g e
:~ cap, insert bar through hook and lever
Insert jack into the appropriate lift-
ing socket (Fig.) as far as possible. If
necessary, clean the socket before-
hand. Place jack vertically.
If ground is soft, place a large strong
piece of p a c k i n g under the jack b a s e
Lift vehicle until the w h e e l is clear of
the ground.
R e m o v e bolt/nuts and take wheel off.
Fit s p a r e w h e e l and tighten bolts/nuts
lightly first.
To ensure that the wheel is secured
properly the contact surfaces for the
wheel hub or drum and for the wheel
nuts/bolts must not be dirty or rusty.
L o w e r vehicle to ground and tighten
the bolts/nuts in a diagonal s e q u e n c e .
Install trim c a p .
W h e n a w h e e l has b e e n c h a n g e d , the
pressure in the w h e e l which has been
fitted and the tightening torque of the
w h e e l bolts should be c h e c k e d as s o o n
as possible. U s e a torque s p a n n e r for
the bolts. The torque for the w h e e l s
supplied by the factory is 170 N m (17
The jack supplied by the factory is only
designed to lift your vehicle model. On
no account should heavier vehicles or
other loads be lifted. Do not work un-
der the vehicle when it is on the jack.
If the vehicle is to be subsequently
fitted with wheels or tyres which differ
from those fitted by the factory, it is
essential to read the remarks on page
L o o s e n wheel nuts/bolts with box
scanner and bar approximately o n e turn. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans


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