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- 5 the vehicle is fitted with modern low
-aintenance technical components only
small amount of regular servicing is re-
red in order to maintain the roadwor-
riness, economy and-reliability.
~ e inspection service offered by the
. A.G workshop takes into account to a
= -ge extent the individual annual mileage
::vered and helps thus to keep the
::sts as low as possible. The service
: :nedule supplied with the vehicle shows
"at has to be done and when.
- difficult operating conditions, e.g. ex-
•'emely low ambient temperatures, very
• S t y conditions, building site work, etc.
:e-tain service operations should be
carried out between the intervals given
in the service schedule.
This applies in particular to:
Changing the engine oil
Cleaning or changing the air cleaner
Lubricating the hinges of sliding and
Double Cab doors, dropsides, locker lid
and rear doors.
Draining water from or renewing the
fuel filter on the Diesel engine.
The service operations should be carried
out in a V.A.G workshop because this
work requires special knowledge, work-
shop appliances and special tools. Fur-
thermore this work must be done in
accordance with our instructions.
Complete proof of servicing by a V.A.G
workshop can be one of the stipulations
for the upholding of any warranty claims
during the one year warranty period.
regulations and
laws place very strict limits on the
amount of repairs and adjustments to en-
gine and running gear parts which can be
done by the owner, By tinkering with
parts which affect the safety of a motor
vehicle one can endanger oneself and
other road users.
In addition, altering the settings of the
carburetor or fuel injection system, igni-
tion or valves, changes the emission
values and also increases the fuel con-
sumption. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans


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