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D O - I T - Y O U R S E L F
The spare wheel in luggage compart-
ment is bolted to the left side panel.
To remove wheel, take bolt out by hand.
For safety reasons the spare wheel must
always be bolted securely to side panel
when vehicle is moving.
The spare wheel is either located on a
hinged pan under front of body or at
rear in luggage compartment.
To take wheel under body out, remove
bolt with wheel nut spanner and pull
hook away (left Fig.).
Caution: Keep clear as the pan falls
down. Danger of injury.
Then pull wheel forward off the pan.
On vehicles with a front spoiler, it may
be necessary to take weight off front of
vehicle before removing the spare wheel.
If necessary the front can be lifted slight-
ly with the jack or the spoiler taken off.
To stow spare wheel, place it on the pan
with offset downwards and swing pan up
until hook engages. Then insert bolt and
tighten it.
For safety reasons the pan must al-
ways be bolted in position so that it
cannot release accidentally.
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