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HP 3100 User Manual: Change The Answer Ring Pattern For Distinctive Ring; Set The Fax Error Correction Mode; Set The Dial Type

Hewlett-packard fax machine user guide.
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Chapter 3

Change the answer ring pattern for distinctive ring

Many phone companies offer a distinctive ring feature that allows you to have several
phone numbers on one phone line. When you subscribe to this service, each number is
assigned a different ring pattern. You can set up the HP Fax to answer incoming calls
that have a specific ring pattern.
If you connect the HP Fax to a line with distinctive ring, have your telephone company
assign one ring pattern to voice calls and another ring pattern to fax calls. HP
recommends that you request double or triple rings for a fax number. When the HP Fax
detects the specified ring pattern, it answers the call and receives the fax.
If you do not have a distinctive ring service, use the default ring pattern, which is All
To change the answer ring pattern for distinctive ring via the control panel
Verify that the HP Fax is set to answer fax calls automatically.
Press Setup.
Press Advanced Fax Setup, and then press Distinctive Ring.
When the phone rings with the ring pattern assigned to your fax line, the HP Fax
answers the call and receives the fax.

Set the fax error correction mode

Typically, the HP Fax monitors the signals on the phone line while it is sending or receiving
a fax. If it detects an error signal during the transmission and the error-correction setting
is on, the HP Fax can request that a portion of the fax be resent.
Turn off error correction only if you are having trouble sending or receiving a fax, and you
want to accept the errors in the transmission. Turning off the setting might be useful when
you are trying to send a fax to another country/region or receive a fax from another
country/region, or if you are using a satellite phone connection.
To set the fax error-correction mode
Control panel: Press Fax Menu, open the Advanced Fax Setup menu, and then
use the Error correction mode option.

Set the dial type

Use this procedure to set tone-dialing or pulse-dialing mode. The factory-set default is
Tone. Do not change the setting unless you know that your phone line cannot use tone
The HP Fax cannot receive faxes when the main phone number is off the
to select an option, and then press OK.
The pulse-dialing option is not available in all countries/regions.


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