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HP 3100 User Manual: Send A Fax In Error Correction Mode; Receive A Fax; Receive A Fax Manually

Hewlett-packard fax machine user guide.
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Send a fax in Error Correction Mode

Error Correction Mode (ECM) prevents loss of data due to poor phone lines by detecting
errors that occur during transmission and automatically requesting retransmission of the
erroneous portion. Phone charges are unaffected, or might even be reduced, on good
phone lines. On poor phone lines, ECM increases sending time and phone charges, but
sends the data much more reliably. The default setting is On. Turn ECM off only if it
increases phone charges substantially, and you can accept poorer quality in exchange
for reduced charges.
Before turning the ECM setting off, consider the following. If you turn ECM off
The quality and transmission speed of faxes you send and receive are affected.
The Fax Speed is automatically set to Medium.
You will no longer be able to send or receive faxes in color.
To change the ECM setting from the control panel
Press Setup.
Select Advanced Fax Setup and then select Error Correction Mode.
Press OK.

Receive a fax

You can receive faxes automatically or manually. Press the Answer Mode button to
select the desired mode. If you select Tel mode, you must receive faxes manually. If you
select FaxTel mode, the HP Fax automatically answers incoming calls and receives faxes
after the number of rings that are specified by the Rings to Answer setting. If you select
Fax or AnswerMachine modes, the HP Fax will answer the telephone, automatically
detect fax tones, and receive a fax. You must have an answering machine connected
directly to the port labeled 2-EXT on the back of your HP Fax for AnswerMachine mode.
If you receive a legal-size fax and the HP Fax is not currently set to use legal-size paper,
the HP Fax reduces the fax so that it fits on the paper that is loaded. If you have disabled
the Automatic Reduction feature, the HP Fax prints the fax on two pages.

Receive a fax manually

Set up backup fax reception
Reprint received faxes from memory
Poll to receive a fax
Forward faxes to another number
Set the paper size for received faxes
Set automatic reduction for incoming faxes
Block junk fax numbers
Receive a fax manually
When you are on the phone, the person you are speaking with can send you a fax while
you are still connected. This is referred to as manual faxing. Use the instructions in this
section to receive a manual fax.
to select On or Off.
Receive a fax


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