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HP ] 040/1 050
User Guide
Part number: Q7270-90102
Firstedition: 10/2004


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  • Page 1

    HP ] 040/1 050 series User Guide Part number: Q7270-90102 Firstedition: 10/2004 _..

  • Page 2

    • Ceriificatesof deposit © Copyright 2004 Hewleff-Packard Development Company, LE • Copyrighted works Safetyinformation The in{ormatlon contained herein is subject to change without noiice_ No part of the document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another WARNING! To prevent fire or shock hazard, de not language without the prior writ|on consent of Hewleff- expose this product to rain or any type of molsture_ Packard Company...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Quick start Load paper 1 Load documents to fax or copy 2 Send a fax 2 Receive a fax 3 Make a copy 3 Make a telephone call 4 HP Fax basics The HP Fax 1040/1050 Paris of the HP Fax 6 Control Panel of HP FAX 7 The menus 12 Overview of menu options 13...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Additional features Set rings to answer 27 Use Caller ID 28 Turn Caller ID on 28 See who called with Caller ID 28 Print a list of Caller ID numbers 28 Block junk fax numbers 28 Add a junk fax number 28 Delete a number 29 Scan &...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Feature reference Set the dale and time 49 Turn on and off sounds 49 Alarm sounds 49 Key sounds 50 Silent mode 50 Set the fax header information 50 Print reports 51 Automatic reports 51 Reporls you can print 51 Reprinting taxes 52 Clearing memory 53 Loudspeaker--HP...

  • Page 6

    Declaration ofconformity 7 8 UseHewbtt-Packard support services 7 9 Hewlett_Packard LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT Jv Contents...

  • Page 7: Load Paper

    Quick start This chapter gives you a quick introduction to the basic functions of your new fax machine. Please refer to the later chapters for detailed instructions. 1 The "arrow buttons" located under the Menu button on the control panel are designated by _ I_in the instructions.

  • Page 8: Load Documents To Fax Or Copy

    Load d ocuments to fax or copy Fan, neatly stack, then insert up to 50 sheets of paper with the print side facing you° Pushthe Paper Tray Cover back into place ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, _,_J ....,,,,,,,,,,,J,,, ..J,,,,,,,,,J,,,,,,, ,,rr Load documents to fax or copy You can load up to 10 pages in the document feeder_ Load the documents face down (printed side toward the machine)_...

  • Page 9: Receive A Fax

    Receivea fax Receive a fax How foxes are received depends on how the Answer Mode/Receive Mode is set. For more information, see Set rings to answer on page 2Z FAX or TAM answer mode The fax machine will answer the telephone, automatically detect fax tones, and receive a fax°...

  • Page 10: Make A Telephone Call

    Make a telephonecall 5. Press 4 t, to select the reduction or enlargement percentage you want (50 -125). TiP: The maximum enlargement percent depends on the model you purchased. 6. Press Copy to sfad copying or press Start/Enter to go to the next option° then wil! display_ Collate...

  • Page 11

    HP Fax basics This chapter lists the basic features of your new HP Fax and introduces you to the machine. For detailed instructions, refer to the later chaplers_ The HP Fax features The HP Fax offers the following features: ° 100 page fax memory •...

  • Page 12: The Hp Fax 1040/1050

    The HP Fax 1040/1050 The HP Fax 1040/1050 Parts of the HP Fax Figure 2-1 Front view Document support Paper tray Paper tray cover Document guide Document feeder Handset Paper guide Paper suppori Figure 2-2 Rear view Power cord socket HPFax basics...

  • Page 13: Control Panel Of Hp Fax

    The HP Fax 1040/1050 Figure 2-3 BoHom view Conned handset to the HANDSET port. Conned telephone line to fhe UNE port. HP 1040 only:. Conned answering machine or extension phone to the EXT.port. Control Panel of HP FAX Figure 2°4 Control panel of HP t040 Fax HPFax basics 7...

  • Page 14: The Menus

    The HP Fox 1040/1050 Figure 2.-5 Control panel of HP 1050 Fax Figure 2-6 HP 1040 & HP 1050 Fax controt panel--Left side Scan & Fax Mode: When Scan & Fax mode is turned on, the device scans all pages before @@0@ starting to send the fax.

  • Page 15

    The HP Fax 1040/1050 Figure 2-7 HP 1040 & HP 1050 Fax control panel--Middle Space: [The 1 key]. Enters a space between words when entering a name in a text field. Display: Displays menu items and messages from the HP Fax. Key pad: Dials telephone and fax numbers and eniers letters and symbols in text fields, The phone key pad is also used for one-touch dialing...

  • Page 16

    The HP Fax 1040/1050 Figure 2-9 HP 1040 & HP 1050 Fax control panel--Right side lower 13 Copy: Press twice to copy a documentwith the default copy settings • Press once then set options. PressSl_rt/Enler between options_Press Copyto copy the document. 14 Start/Enter: •...

  • Page 17

    The HP Fax 1040/1050 Figure 2_I I HP 1050 Fax only control panel--Right middle 16 Mute/Search: " Mutesthe telephoneduring a telephonecall. • Searchfor a number stored in memory. t7 Speake_hone: The HP 1050 provides a fully functional speaker phone. 18 Redial/Pause: •...

  • Page 18

    MEMORY CLEAR BASIC FAX SETUP SOUND TOOLS ADVANCED FAX I SETFAX HEADER ] I SETDATE& TIME Alarm Sound Clean Cartridge Sel Broadcasting FoxHeader Ringsto Answer Fax Name Dote & Time Caller ID Dial/Schedule Set Delayed Fax Key Sound Align Cartridge Fax Number Date Format View Ink Level...

  • Page 19: Overview Of Menu Options, Basic Fax Menu

    Overview of menu opffons Overview of menu options Your fax machine has settings that you can change. To find out how the options are currently set, print the System Dala report (see Print reports on page 51 o) To change these settings, see Navigate the menus on page 17o The tables beJow shows the options for a menu in the left coiumn and their setting choices in the right column.

  • Page 20: Advanced Fax Menu

    Overview o{ menu opiions Option Fax Log TheFax fog shows the specific information concerning transmissionor receptionadivifies,the timeand date of mostrecent40 transmissions or receptions° Theseffingsare on and off., Resolution Setsthe default resolutionwhen copying and {axing Thesettings are: Standard, Fine, and superfine. For moreinformation, see Setdocumentresolution and contrast for a single copy on page 26..

  • Page 21: Set Up Sound Menu, Tools Menu

    Overview Of menu options SET UP SOUND menu ............Option Settings Silent Mode "You can turn off soundsthe machine makeseither manually or on a daily schedule (for exampl% to turn off thesounds after work hoursand overnight), _anual: To turn off and on the sounds, usethe Sile.t Mode button on lhe control panel.

  • Page 22: Speakerphone-hp 1050 Fax

    Loudspeoker--HP t 040 Fax ..... IIII IIIIIIIIIIII Option Settings Re_ote Password Se_ the passwordfor retrieving your messages from another phone. Silence Action TeIIsthe machine what to do when it detectssilence after answering_The seHings Receive Fax,and RecordSilence° are: Disconnect, Off-Hook Action Tells the machine whattodo when the incoming c all l eaves thephoneoff the hook, Theseff_ngs are: DisonnectandRecord Off-Hook Message Paging...

  • Page 23: Navigate The Menus, Ready Mode, Menu Buttons

    Navigate the menus Navigate the menus Ready mode Whenever the HP Fax is ready for faxingand copying (called Ready mode), it will display the date, time, and answer mode_Forexampb, OCT-05 O2: 23PMFX Menu buttons Use the Menu buttons to navigate the menu items_ 1 Pressthe Menu buffon to access the menu system.

  • Page 24: Enter Dates, Times, Text, And Telephone Numbers

    Enter dates, t_rnes,|ext, and telephone numbers Enter dates, times, text, and telephone numbers Use these buttons when menu items ask you to enter dates, time or text. • If the date format seems unfamiliar, check that you selected the correct one for your country when setting up your HP Fax (see Set the date and time on page 49) •...

  • Page 25: Fax Header Telephone Number

    Enter dales, times, texl, and telephone numbers For example, to enter 'Jacque & Baja, Inc,.'follow these steps. Press Result will d isplay. _])_]) 'JACQUE" Enters a space,, !_IO_[t_I_!t_)g00 '&' will display.. Entersa space. I_, I_01_I 'BAJA' will display. ' ' will display. will display _]1_]_0, 'INC'...

  • Page 26

    Enter dates, times, text, and lelephone numbers Press Result _45_' will display, '- 'will display. _), _ ' 7890' will display HPFax basics...

  • Page 27: Speed Dialing

    Speed dialing Speed dialing Your HP Fax has a built-in phone book that allows you to enter up to 80 or 100 (varies by model) names and numbers for faxing or telephone use_Once entered, you can dial the number by any of these methods° •...

  • Page 28: Print The Phone Book, One-touch Dialing, Speed Dialing, Phone Book Dialing

    Speed diallng Print the phone book 1. Press Report/Help 2. Press 4 _ until displays and press Start/Enter. Phonebook Dial from the phone book Dialing works the same for both taxes and telephone calls, if a document is loaded, the HP Fax sends the fax.

  • Page 29: Paper Types And Sizes, Document Types And Sizes

    Paper types and sizes Paper types and sizes The HP Fax is designed to work optimally with plain paper (cation bond: 20 Ib., 75 g/ m2) in the following sizes: A4, Letter, and Legal TIP: Some papers have a side that's been conditioned br printing. The print side is usually indicated on the paper's packaging°...

  • Page 30: Set Document Resolution And Contrast For A Single Copy

    Set document resolution and conl_sl for a single copy " If you are sending more than one sheet, make sure the bottom sheet enters first. Insert the sheets slight push to ensure smooth feeding. with a • For multiple sheets, all pages of the document must be the same size and paper type. "...

  • Page 31: Adjust Volume, Ringer Volume, Speaker Volume

    Adiust volume 1o Turn the page face down and insert it into the document feeder For more information, see Load documentsto fax or copy on page 2 2. Press Resolutionrepeatedly to select the option you want • STAkD,_O works well for printed or typewritten originals with normalsized charaders_ _INE is good for documents containing a lot of detail SUPER FINE works well for documents containing extremely fine detail;...

  • Page 32: Automatic Fax Redial, Receiving Via An Extension Telephone (hp 1040 Fax Only)

    Au|omafic fax red_al Automatic fax redial When you send a fax, if the number you have dialed is busy or there is no answer, the machine wilt attempt to redial the number every three minutes up to two times° Before redialing, the display shows To feet±at now, Start/Enter.

  • Page 33: Set Rings To Answer

    Set rings to answer Additional features This chapter contains information on additional features you may want to set or change for your HP Fax_ " Rings to answer:. Sets the number of rings before the HP Fax answers the phone_ •...

  • Page 34: Use Caller Id, Turn Caller Id On, Print A List Of Caller Id Numbers

    Use Caller ID • The additional ring occurs 5 times for a voice call After the 5 additional rings, the answering machine wilt answer_ Use Caller ID Many countries hove the Caller ID system that enables the receiver to view the numbers or names of callers.

  • Page 35: Delete A Number, Scan & Fax Mode, Image Tcr

    Scan &Fax Mode Youcanenterupto 20 numbers° Numbers which have already been entered as a junk number are marked by * at the end of the disp]ay_ Delete a number I. PressMenu repeatedly until BASIC FAX appears and press Start/Enter. 2. Press 4 !_ until set Junk displays and press Start/Enter_ 3.

  • Page 36: Distinctive Ring (drpd)

    Distinctivering (DRPD) To use image TCR, the Scan & Fax Mode light must be on (press the butlon if necessary) and you must set theseMenu options to On: Image TCR and Sending Confirm_ See Scan & Fax Mode on page 29, Follow these instructions to set the menu options: 1.

  • Page 37

    Answer/receive mode DRPD OK will display when the pattern has been !earned and the HP Fax wi!l return to Ready mode Step 2--Set up distinctive ring (DRPD)answer mode Once you have activated distindive ring, it becomes one of the answering modes you can select by pressing the Ans.Mode/Contmst or Rcv.Mode/Contrast button.

  • Page 38

    Answer/recelve mode A When no document is baded, press the/_ms.Mode/Contrast bulton until the desired option displays_ tn Ready mode, P'× appears in the right hand comer of the mode display.. When you get a call, themachine answersand receivesthe fax automatical}y_ When reception is complete, lhe machine returnsto Readymode.

  • Page 39: Answer/receive Mode

    Answer/receive mode How are you goingto useyour HPFax? Readabout... iiiiiiii N, • Faxmachine with few or no voice calls FAXmode " Using Disfindive Ring(DRPD) s ervice to See Disfindive r_ng(DRPD) o n set up a separate telephone numberfor page 30 your HP Faxon thesame physicalline as your other numbers •...

  • Page 40

    Answer/receive mode • In Readymode, Fx appears in the right hand comer of the mode d_splay. " When you get a call, the machine answersafter the second ring, and receivesthe fax automatically._ W hen reception is complete, themachine returns to Ready mode.. "...

  • Page 41: Turn On The Message Center

    Turn on the message center Digital message center (HP 1050 Fax only) Your HP Fax has a built-in digital messaging center that gives you full message capabilities.. • 30 minutes of digital message recording (includes incoming message and greeting) o Default incoming message (ICM) length is 60 seconds °...

  • Page 42: Record Your Greeting, Play Your Greeting

    Record yourgreeting Record your greeting The greeting is an outgoing message (OGM) or announcement thai ploys whenever a call comes in and the device is in TAM mode (the Answer buffon is lit and TM is displayed)_ Your greeting can be between 3 and 30 seconds in length. 1.

  • Page 43: Screen Or Monitor Your Calls, Announcement Only, Play Back Messages, Play Back New Messages Only

    Screen or monitor your calls Screen or monitor your calls The HP Fax allows you listen to messages being recorded so you can decide whether to answer them To monitor your calls, you must turn call monitoring on in the menu 1.

  • Page 44: Skipping A Message, Erase Messages, Erase All Messages In Memory

    Erase messages ° Pressing 1_ once replays this message. ° Pressing _,q repeatedly skips back to previous messages. Skipping a message A Press !€t while listening to the message. ° Pressing I¢t once skips this message. ° Pressing _ repealedty skips further messages, •...

  • Page 45: Remote Access, Remote Password

    Remole Access Remote Access You can access your messages and many of the message center functions from any Touch Tone phone. Remote Password To use the remote access functions, you will need to use the Remote Password_The default remote password is #139#o You can change lhe numbers, but the 3-digit password must stad and end wilh #, Follow these instructions to change the remote password°...

  • Page 46: Toll Saver

    Remote Access Table Remote access commands .., ',' "" ,,,1_,,_ ....,"' ,',',..Code Function Skips tO the next message L Allows you to change the GreetingL After entering thecommand, speak into the handsel Press # when you are done°Thedevice will play the Greeting for you so you can confirm the recording°...

  • Page 47: Receive A Message, Record A Conversation

    Message paging Message paging If you are out of the office, you can have the HP Fax call you when you receive a new message. TIP: You should only turn paging on if you are going to be gone. There is a delay between receiving the message and the paging message going out°...

  • Page 48

    Record a conversation Digital message center (HP 1050 Fax only) 42...

  • Page 49: Broadcasting

    Broadcasting Advanced faxing In this chapter, you will learn how to use the advanced fax features of your machine. 1 The "arrow buttons" located under the Menu button on the control panel are designated by 4 t, in the instructions_ Broadcasting With Broadcasting you can have your HP Fax send your fax to up to 15 (HP t040 Fax)

  • Page 50: Delayed Fax

    Delayed fax Delayed fax You can set your machine to sencl a fax any time in the next 24 hours For example, it is usually cheaper to send a fax at night because telephone rates are lower than they are during the day, To cancel a scheduled fax, see To cancel the scheduledjob on page 46.

  • Page 51: Polling, Setting Send Polling

    Polling Polling Polling enables you to set up a document so it can be retrieved at a later time. For example, you can place the document in your machine, and the other party can retrieve it when they are in the office or when their calling rates are lower. Setting send polling You can program your fax machine to send a document when it is requested by a remote fax machine,.

  • Page 52: Polling Another Fax To Receive, To Cancel The Scheduled Job

    Tocancel lhescheduled Polling another fax to receive You can dial another fax machine that has a document waiting and request it to be sent to your fax machine_ 1. Dial the telephone number of the remote machine that is ready to be polled_ TIP: One touch buttons do not work in this area, you must use their speed dial code instead_ 2.

  • Page 53

    Forward faxes Forward foxes While you are away from your home or office, you do not have to miss important faxeso Your machine can forward any foxes it receives to a fax machine at your current location, and if you choose, it can print a copy for you to review when you get back as well A Sending Confirm report will print br every fax that is forwarded°...

  • Page 54

    Forward faxes Advanced faxlng...

  • Page 55: Turn On And Off Sounds, Alarm Sounds

    Setthe date and time Feature reference This chapter contains instructions for other features of the HP Fax that you may want to use from time to time° The "arrow buttons" located under the Menu burton on the control panel are designated by 4 1,in the instructions_ Set the date and time The current date and time are shown in the display when the machine is on and ready...

  • Page 56: Key Sounds, Silent Mode, Set The Fax Header Information

    Setthe fax header information Key sounds The Key sounds are the beeps the keys maker 1. Press Menu repeatedly until SET UP SOU_ appears and press Start/Entero 2. Press _1 t, to select _<ey Sounds and press Start/Enter 3, Select on or off and press Start/Enter, Silent mode You can turn the sounds of the HP Fax (including ringing) on and off using the control...

  • Page 57: Print Reports, Automatic Reports

    Print repads Print reports Your fax machine can print many reports br your use° Automatic reports These reports print automatically. con nt Mulli_Communication This report prints automatically if you havefoxed documentsto more than one location by using Broadcasting_. PowerFail Report If you havea scheduledjob (suchas, delayed fax and send poll) and there is a power failure, this report is printed automatically when power is restored.

  • Page 58: Reprinting Taxes

    Reprinting taxes Content Report name This report showsthe currentsettingsof your HPFax After you System Data havechanged any setting, print this report to check your changes Caller Caller ID isturned on, this report showsthe mostrecent 30 callers who have called your machine The report will be empty if you don't have Caller ID turnedon Junk Fax reportshow_s t he telephone numbersthat are marked as a...

  • Page 59: Clearing Memory, Speakerphone-hp 1050 Fax

    Clearing m emory Clearing memory You can selectively clear information stored in your machine's memory. 1. PressMenu repeatedly until MEMORY CLEAR appears, and press Start/Enlero The display shows the type of information you can clear from memory_ 2_ Select what you want to delete by pressing 4 i_ and press Start/Enter_ 3.

  • Page 60: Redial A Number In Memory

    Radial a number in memory Redial a number in memory These steps allow you to dial one of the last 10 numbers called that is in memory° I, Hold Radial/Pause for about two seconds_ Press 4 t_ until Numbers displays and press Start/Enter. Recent Press 4 _"...

  • Page 61: Print Cartridge Information, View Ink Level

    Print cartridge information Care and maintenance This chapter contains information about changing print cartridges, maintaining your HP Fax, the menu settings, error messages, and troubleshooting. Print cartridge information The print cartridge life is very sensitive to the content of received taxes or copies you make_ To increase its life, we recommend you bllow the instructions below: o Always use the HP 20 (C6614) ink cartridge°...

  • Page 62: Print The Self Test, Replace The Print Cartridge

    Print the self _est NOTE: If the HP Fax is low on ink (ink tevel is 1/8), new taxes that come in will not be printed, They wiil be stored in memory° You must manually print the taxes from memory (see Reprinting taxes on page 52..) until you replace the ink cartridge (see Replace the print cartridge on page 56,)°...

  • Page 63

    Reptacethe print cartridge 3. Open the contro! panel and cariridge compartment cover (it will click and remain open). Control panel Cartridge compartment cover 4. Pull the cartridge toward you and remove it. 3,¸ _'_' To load the cartridge insert the cartridge as shown below, When the cartridge is pushed to the back of the cartridge carrier, push the top of the cartridge until it clicks into place_ If the cartridge moves loosely in the carrier, it has not clicked into place..

  • Page 64: Clear Jammed Documents And Paper, Document Jams During Transmission, To Clear Document Jam

    Clear j ammed documents and paper 6. Press S tart/Enter. 7. Press 1 for new cartridge, or 2 for the old one, When you put in a new cartridge, you must choose 1 :New • When you put in a used cartridge, choose 2 :L_secl_ T his helps you to check the correct amount of ink you have lefto TIP: If you mix up several used cartridges, it is not possible to check the correct amount of remaining ink Once you have put in a new cartridge, use it until it is completely...

  • Page 65: Maintain The Print Cartridge, Clean The Print Cartridge Nozzles, Wipe The Print Nozzles And Contacts

    Maintain lhe print cartridge If the paper is jammed in the paper feed area 1. Remove the jammed paper as shown° If the paper tears when it is being removed check to ensure that no small pieces have been left inside the machine. Reload new paper with the print side facing toward you, Press Cancel when finished.

  • Page 66: Clean The Cartridge Carrier Contacts

    Maintain t heprint c artridge 4o Reinstall the cartridge and close the cover and panel If you spend a long time cleaning the cartridge, the cartridge carrier may have moved back to the original position If so, press AccessCartridge again to move the carrier to the install position_ 5, Press Start/Enter, 6.

  • Page 67: Clean The Document Scanner Area

    Clean the documentscanner area Clean the document scanner area To keep your machine working properly, occasionally clean the white roller, document feeder rubber piece, and the scanning glass° If they are dirty, documents sent 1oanother fax machine will not be clear, CAUTION: When you tum the power off to clean the scanner, documents stored in memory will be IOStr...

  • Page 68

    Clean t hedocument scanner area 4. Clean the document feeder rubber piece at the back of the control panel 5 Carefully wipe the scanning glass with a soft, dry, lint flee cloth If the glass is very dirty, firstwipe it with a slightly dampened cloth, then with a dry one°...

  • Page 69: Adjust The Scanner, Lcd Error Messages

    Adjust thescanner Adjust the scanner The scanner is adjusted at the factory. If, however, you drop your machine while moving it, we recommend you adjust scanner. 1. Press Menu repeatedly until TOOLS appears and press Start/Enter. 2o Scroll to Adjust Scanne_ by pressing 4 _ and press Start/Enter.

  • Page 70

    LCD error m essages Display Status/Solution You altemptedto delete a junk fax number when thereis no Junk Empty junk fax number. Junk Fax Full The machine can hold only 20 junk fax numbers, Load Document You mustload a documentbefore preceding. Memory Full Memory has become fullwhite receivinga fax, It will not answer the telephoneuntil memory has been deafedo Printany...

  • Page 71

    LCD error m essages Display Status/Solution Poll Code Error remote userenteredlhe wrong poll code. Poll exists You have already programmed a polling send..Cancel already scheduledjob and try again° Polling Error Themachine you want to poll is not ready to answer yourpoll. Check remote site Check with the other person.

  • Page 72: Troubleshooting, Fax Problems

    Troubleshooling Troubleshooting Your problem may be listed in "LCD error messages" on page 63. The chart below shows other problems you can solve yourself For problems you cannot resolve here, see Use Hewlelt-Packardsupport serviceson page 79_ Fax problems IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1'111 Problem Solution The machine is not working, thereis...

  • Page 73

    Troubleshooting ......i i iiiiiiiiiiii, Prob|em Solution Spotsor linesmissing fromthe fax Check if the print cartridge is ok by making a copy. See you receive. Maintain the print cartridge on page 59 Check with the telephone company to seeif your phone line is nolsy_ You are receiving poor quality copies.

  • Page 74

    Troubleshooting Print quality roblems ..........iiii IIIII ,111, Problem Solution Check ink levelas described in Viewink levelon page 55_To Lightor blurred characters_ install a new print cartridge, seeReplacethe print cartridge on page 5& Make surethe print cartridge is installed corredly..To clean the print cartridge, seeMaintaintheprint cartridge on page 59.

  • Page 75

    Troubleshooting Digital Messacje Center problems ....Problem Solution Paging messagerepeats This is normal. The messagerepea_s to give you time to enter the accesscode to retrieveyour message,, Attempfsto receive fax even when This is norma!,The fax machine witl attemptto receivea fax messagecenter is turned oft after several rings.

  • Page 76

    Troubleshooting Care and maintenance...

  • Page 77: Document Types And Sizes, Paper Types And Sizes, Acceptable Documents

    Paper h/pes and sizes Specifications and regulatory inbrmation This chapter contains product and supplies specifications, ordering information, and regulatory statements_ Paper types and sizes The HP Fax is designed to work optimally with plain cotton bond paper. The following paper sizes and weight can be used with your machine: ilrllllvllllll iiii Papersize...

  • Page 78: Print Cartridge, Product Specifications

    Print cartridge Print cartridge The HP Fax uses the fo!lowing print cartridgeo HP 20 black inkjet printcarlridge C6614 Product specifications The specifications are subject to change without notice._ Item Specification Typeof unit Inkiet DesktopFacsimileTransceiver CommunicationSystem PublicSwitchedTelephoneNetwork (PSTN) and PABX Compatibility ITUGroup3 MH, MR, MMR Compressionscheme...

  • Page 79

    Product specifications ..... I '11 '1111'11111'1'11 Item Specification Weight 3.5 Kg (Z7 lb) (including handset) Powersource See Rating Labelattached on the back of the machine. Resolution Copy Standard/Fine: 300 x 300 dpi Super Fine/Photo:600 x 300 dpi Faxing Standard: 98 x 203 dpi Fine: 196 x 203 dpi Super Fine: 392 x 203 dpi Speed dials...

  • Page 80

    A sampb o fITU #1test c hart (reduced to 60+5%) ,,,, ..,, ..,, ,,, H,,,, ,,,,,, ....A sample of II"U#1 test chart (reduced to 60.5%) TIlE SLEREXE COMPANY LIMI'IED J_Unry_ C_r R,ef 350/PJCIE_C 18th 1972, P.H+ C_ada11 Ltd.,+ Minln_ Su_Veym...

  • Page 81: Environmental Product Stewardship Program

    Environmental product stewardship program Environmental product stewardship program Pratectlng the environment Hew]eft-Packard Company _scommifled to providing quality prodeds in an environmentally sound manner, This produd has been designed with several aflributes to minimize impacts on our environmenL For more inlormatien0 visit HP Commitment to the Environment website or: Ozone production This product generatesno appreciable ozone gas (03) Energy consumption...

  • Page 82: Regulatory Notices

    Regulatory notices Regulatory notices The HP Fax meetings product requiremenls from regulatory agencies inyour countrylregian. Regulafevy model identificcrlionnumber For regulatory identification purposes, your produd is assigned a Regulatory MOdel Number. The Regulatory Model Number for your product is SDGOB0403-0] or SDGOB0403-02_ This reguIatory number should not be confused with the marketing name (HP 1040/1050 Fax series) or product number (Q7200...

  • Page 83

    Regulatory notices against harmful interference in a residential installallon. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiale radio frequency energy, and, if not installed and used in accordance wilh the instruclions, may cause harmful interference to radio commun_calbns. However, there is no guarantee that intederence wii] eel occur in a particular installatian._ If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment otf and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the...

  • Page 84

    Declaration of conformity For non-European customer_ This product is approved for use only _nthe counlry in which if was purchasecl, LocaJ country laws may prohibit the use of this product outside the country of purchase, it is strlc'_lyforbidden by Iaw in virtually every country to conned nonapproved telecommunlcations equipment (fax machines) to pubIic telephone networks.

  • Page 85: Support Services 7

    Use Hewlett-Packard support services Use Hewlett-Packard support services w'ww.hp.com/support If you are unable to find the answer you need in the printed documentation supplied with your product or on the web, you can contact one of the HP support services listed in the following pages_ if a support service number is not listed for your country, contact your nearest aulhorized HP dealer for help..

  • Page 86: Limited Warranty Statement

    Hewlett-Packard UMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT Hewlett-Packard LIMITEDWARRANTY STATEMENT ,,,,i ..Fff)'"Product Duration of limited warranty 1 year Printcartridge Until the HP ink isdepleted of the "end of warranty"date printed on the cartridge has been reached, whicheveroccur_ firsL 1hiswarranty does not cover HP ink products that have been refilled, remanufactured,refurbished,misused,or tampered with°...

  • Page 87

    Hewlett-Packard UMtTED WARRANTY STATEMENT This Warranty Statement gives the customer specific legal r_ghts_The customer may also hove other rights which wry from sta_e to state in the United States, from province to province in Canada, and from country to country elsewhere in the world To the extent this Warranty Statement is inconsistentwith local law, this Warranty Statement shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such local Paw_Under such local Jaw, cerlain disclaimers and limitations of this Statement may not apply to the customer, For example, some states in the United Stoles, as well as some...

  • Page 88

    Hewletl-Packard LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT Specifications andregulatory inbrmation82...

  • Page 89

    Redial/Pause 10, 11 Report/HeJp index Resolution 8 Scan & Fax Mode Scroll/Volume Silent Mode Space 9 Access Cartridge Speakerphone button 8, 56 Speed Dial 9 alarm sounds 49 Start/Enter align cartridge Symbols 9 menu 15 announcement only 37 AnsMode/Contrast call monitor button 10 menu 15 Answer...

  • Page 90

    button 10 FAX mode 32, 34 fax name 50 copy collate 3 fax number 50 fax problems 66 number of copies 3 print order 3 fax receiving 3 fax tones.. See sounds zoom 3 taxes reprinting taxing date and time 49 color documents 25 date, setting 49 photographs...

  • Page 91

    erasing 38 playing iams skipping clearing paper 58 document 58 Microphone monitor calls 37 paper 58 Mute/Search journal junk fax button 10, 11 blocking 28 © report 52 junk taxes 13 one-touch dialling I< out of ink 15 key sounds 50 out of paper, See reprinting taxes keypad buttons 9...

  • Page 92: Print Quality Problems

    printqualityproblems 68 pulse dialing 15 Scan & Fax 29 Scan & Fax Mode button 8 scanner adjustment 63 buttonI0, 11 scanner area RcvMode/Contrast cleaning button11 schedule a fax 44 readymode17 schedule inform 5 l rearview 6 scheduled fax 14 receive mode32 scheduled faxes 51 received journal51 scheduled job...

  • Page 93

    Speakerphone button1t speakerphone 16, 53 Speed Dial button9 speed dial dialing 22 programming 2 1 using21 speed dials number of 5 Start/Enler button10 supplies print cartridge Symbols buflon 9 system data 52 TAM mode 32, 34 TAM status report 52 TELmode 32, 34 telephone dialing...

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