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HP 3100 User Manual: Text And Symbols; Type Numbers And Text On The Control-panel Keypad; To Enter Text

Hewlett-packard fax machine user guide.
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Message type
Critical error messages

Text and symbols

You can use the keypad on the control panel to enter text and symbols.
You can also enter symbols from the keypad when you dial a fax or phone number. When
the HP Fax dials the number, it interprets the symbol and responds accordingly. For
example, if you enter a dash in the fax number, the HP Fax will pause before dialing the
remainder of the number. A pause is useful if you need to gain access to an outside line
before dialing the fax number.
to enter the symbol by using the keypad.

Type numbers and text on the control-panel keypad

You can enter text or symbols by using the keypad on the control panel.
After you are done entering text, press OK to store your entry.

To enter text

Press the keypad numbers that correspond to the letters of a name. For example, the
letters a, b, and c correspond to the number 2, as shown on the button below.
on your language and country/region setting, other characters might be available
in addition to the ones shown on the keypad.
After the correct letter appears, wait for the cursor to advance automatically to the
right, or press the right arrow button. Press the number that corresponds to the next
letter in the name. Press the button multiple times until the correct letter appears. The
first letter of a word is automatically set to uppercase.
If you want to enter a symbol in your fax number, such as a dash, you need
Press a button multiple times to see the available characters. Depending
Critical error messages inform you of a HP Fax failure.
Some of these messages can be cleared by unplugging
the power cord, and plugging it back in again. If a critical
error persists, service is required. For more information,
Support and
The faxes stored in memory are not deleted
when you unplug the power cord.
Text and symbols


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