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HP 2140 User Manual

Hewlett-packard fax machine user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for HP 2140

  • Page 2

    HP 2140 Fax series User Guide Part number: CM721-90001 invenf...

  • Page 3

    HP shall • Telephone lines can develop hazardous voltages. To avoid electrical shock, do not touch the contacts on the end of the cord, or any of the sockets on the HP Fax. Replace damaged cords immediately. • Never install telephone in connection with, or •...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Receive a fax ... Make a copy ... Make a telephone call ... HP Fax basics ... The HP 2140 Fax ... Parts of the HP Fax ... Control Panel of HP Fax ... The menus ... Overview of menu options ...

  • Page 5

    Delete a document Send a document Print a document ... Image TCR ... Distinctive ring (DRPD) ... Step 1--Teach the HP Fax the ring pattern Step 2--Set up distinctive ring (DRPD) answer mode ... Answer/receive mode ... Advanced faxing ... Broadcasting ...

  • Page 6

    Care and maintenance Print cartridge information ... View ink level ... Print the self test ... Replace the print cartridge ... Clear jammed documents and paper ... Document jams during transmission ... To clear document jam: ... Paper jams during printing ... If the paper is jammed in the printing area ...

  • Page 7: Quick Start

    BASIC £AX menu. For more information, see Paper Size on page 13. The HP Fax is designed to work with a variety of plain papers (cotton bond 75-90 g/m 2 (20-24 lb.)) in A4, Letter, and Legal sizes.

  • Page 8: Load D Ocuments Tofax Orcopy

    3 Fan, neatly stack, then insert up to50sheets ofpaper with the print side facing you. 4 Push t he Paper Tray C over back i nto place. Load documents to fax or copy You can load up to 15 pages in the document feeder. Load the documents face down (printed side toward the machine).

  • Page 9: Receive A Fax

    How faxes are received depends on how the Answer Mode/Receive Mode is set. For more information, see Set rings to answer on page 23. FAX answer mode The fax machine will answer the telephone, automatically detect fax tones, and receive a fax. TIP: However, if you accidentally answer the telephone and hear fax tones, press the Start button to receive the fax.

  • Page 10: Make A Telephone Call

    Make a telephone call Use one of the following methods: • Pick up the handset and dial the number. • Press and hold a One Touch number. This turns on the speaker. When you are connected, pick up the handset. For more information, see One-touch page 19.

  • Page 11: Hp Fax Basics

    HP Fax basics This chapter lists the basic features of your new HP Fax and introduces you to the machine. The HP Fax features The HP Fax offers the following features: • 200 page fax memory • 50 page paper tray •...

  • Page 12: The Hp 2140 Fax

    The HP 2140 Fax Parts of the HP Fax Figure Front view Document support Paper tray Paper tray cover Document guide Figure 2-2 Rear view Power cord socket Connect handset to the HANDSET port. Connect telephone line to the LINE port.

  • Page 13: Control Panel Of Hp Fax

    Press Favorites repeatedly to save, delete, send or print the documents. Menu: Displays the options available for your HP Fax. ScrollNolume: When you are entering numbers or text, moves the cursor to the digit or character to be edited.

  • Page 14

    Allows you to listen to the telephone while dialing without lifting the Press once to backspace delete numbers or letters when editing. Hold down to delete entire field. Press again after holding down to return to Ready mode. The HP 2140 Fax numbers. capability. HP Fax basics...

  • Page 15: The Menus

    The menus The menus "cJ "cJ © > "_D iiil,iiii _ _,8_£ ¢h ¢h HP Fax basics < _iii_iiiiii _ _=-,,°,_o <...

  • Page 16: Overview Of Menu Options

    Rings Answer using your machine as both a telephone and a fax machine (AUTO mode), we suggest you set the ring count to at least 4 to give you time to answer. The number of rings can be 2 to 7.

  • Page 17: Advanced Fax Menu

    Allows you to set up a fax to be sent at any time in the next 24 hours. Set Delayed Fax Allows you to set up a fax to be polled by another machine. Set Polling Send HP Fax basics ring pattern detection) is a service provided by see Distinctive Fine, and Superfine.

  • Page 18: Tools Menu

    Navigate the menus Ready mode Whenever the HP Fax is ready for faxing and copying (called Ready mode), it will display the date, time, and answer mode. For example, OCT-05 14:23 Menu buttons Use the Menu buttons to navigate the menu items.

  • Page 19: Enter Dates, Times, Text, And Telephone Numbers

    Use these buttons when menu items ask you to enter dates, time or text. • If the date format seems unfamiliar, check that you selected the correct one for your country when setting up your HP Fax (see Set the date and time on page 33). •...

  • Page 20: Most Text Fields

    PQRS7 WXYZ9 .'/*#&0 Result _)_), 'JACQUE' Enters a space. '&' will display. Enters a space. 'BAJA' will display. ' ' will display. 'ZNC' will display ' ' will display. I, for the cursor to advance display. will HP Fax basics...

  • Page 21: Fax Header Telephone Number

    Q, O, Speed dialing Your HP Fax has a built-in phone book that allows you to enter up to 100 names and numbers for faxing or telephone use. Once entered, you can dial the number by any of these methods.

  • Page 22: Print The Phone Book

    Press < I, until PhonebooZ displays and press OK. Dial from the phone book Dialing works the same for both faxes and telephone calls. If a document is loaded in the document feeder, the HP Fax sends the fax. One-touch dialing •...

  • Page 23: Paper Types And Sizes

    Paper types and sizes Paper types and sizes The HP Fax is designed to work optimally with plain paper (cotton bond: 20 lb., 75 g/m 2) in the following sizes: A4, Letter, and Legal. _,'- TIP: Some papers have a side that's been conditioned for printing. The print side is usually indicated on the paper's packaging.

  • Page 24: Set Document Resolution And Contrast For A Single Copy

    20. to fax or copy on page 5. repeatedly to select the option you want: resolution and contrast forasingle c opy airmail paper, etc.) cards, file folders) paper, etc.) for a single copy including HP Fax basics...

  • Page 25: Adjust Volume

    If you wish to manually redial the number immediately, press Start after the display shows To redial now, press Start. Or,press Cancel to stop redialing and the machine returns to Ready mode. HP Fax basics repeatedly to select the option you want: is finished, resolution/contrast pictures or other documents...

  • Page 26: Additional Features

    Enter the number of rings you want (2-7) and press OK. The HP Fax rings the set number of times and then answers. It then produces a different sounding ring to alert you to which type of call is incoming.

  • Page 27: Use Caller Id

    Use Caller ID Use Caller ID Many countries have the Caller ID system that enables the receiver to view the numbers or names of callers. Once you have subscribed to Caller ID services through your local phone company, your machine can display caller information. NOTE: This option is not available in all countries/regions.

  • Page 28: Delete A Number

    Delete a number 1. Press Menu repeatedly until BASIC FAX appears and press OK. Press _ I, until Set Junk Fax No, displays and press OK. 3. Press I' until Delete The machine shows the first junk number. Press _ I, to scroll to the junk fax number you want to delete and press OK.

  • Page 29: Image Tcr

    Your HP Fax works with distinctive ring service. Use Distinctive Ring to set your HP Fax to answer one of your phone numbers as a fax only line. The phone number (ring pattern) that you teach the HP Fax wilt be answered as if the machine is in FAX mode.

  • Page 30: Step 1--teach The Hp Fax The Ring Pattern

    Step lmTeach the HP Fax the ring pattern The HP Fax will learn the ring pattern when you call it from another telephone or fax machine. 1. Be ready to call the fax machine. Press Menu repeatedly until BASIC FAX displays and press OK.

  • Page 31

    Answer/receive mode (continued) How are you going touse your H P Fax? • Telephone • When no document is loaded, press the Mode/Contrast option displays. mode AUTO mode mode Additional features with few orno fax calls. • In Ready mode, FAX appears in the right hand corner of the display.

  • Page 32: Advanced Faxing

    _ _ in the instructions. Broadcasting With Broadcasting you can have your HP Fax send your fax up to 20 fax numbers at once. The documents are automatically erased from memory when Broadcasting is finished. 1. Turn the document face down and feed it into the machine.

  • Page 33: Polling

    You can program your fax machine to send a document when it is requested by a remote fax machine. _P NOTE: Your HP Fax allows you to set one poll job at a time and it can be retrieved once. Turn the document face down and feed it into the machine.

  • Page 34: Polling Another Fax To Receive

    You can dial another fax machine that has a document waiting and request it to be sent to your fax machine. 1. Dial the telephone number of the remote machine that is ready to be polled.

  • Page 35

    Forward faxes Start Date&Time b. Press OK. The current date and time will display. ¢. Enter the start time and press OK. Date&Time Press OK. Enter the end time and press OK. • The machine returns to Ready mode and £WD wilt appear in the display at the start time and every fax will be forwarded to your new location till the end time.

  • Page 36: Feature Reference

    1. Press Menu repeatedly until SET UP SOlD appears and press OK. 2. WakeUp Sound wilt display. Press OK. 3. Select On and enter the time you want the HP Fax to ring. Press OK. Select off to turn off WakeUp Sound. Press OK.

  • Page 37: Key Sounds

    On or off Silent mode You can turn the sounds of the HP Fax (including ringing) on and off using the control panel button. You can also set all sounds to turn off on a daily schedule; for example, turn all the sounds off between 8 pm and 8 am.

  • Page 38: Reports You Can Print

    Send Polling along with the fax number, starting time and type of scheduled event. This report shows the current settings of your HP Fax. After you have changed any setting, print this report to check your changes. If Caller ID is turned on, this report shows the most recent 30 callers who have called your machine.

  • Page 39: Reprinting Faxes

    _* NOTE: Unplugging the fax machine power cord and plugging it back in again clears the memory including all unprinted or unsent faxes. A power outage also clears the fax machine memory.

  • Page 40: Loudspeaker

    This feature is especially useful for checking voicemail messages. NOTE: Your HP Fax does not have speakerphone capabilities. The loudspeaker enables you to hear calls but you must speak using the handset. TIP: If you want to share the conversation with somebody beside you, pick the handset and press Loudspeaker.

  • Page 41: Care And Maintenance

    _F NOTE: If the HP Fax is tow on ink (ink level is 1/8), new faxes that come in will not be printed. They wilt be stored in memory. You must manually print the...

  • Page 42: Print The Self Test

    When you notice that the print becomes light or ink cartridge appears in the display, replace the print cartridge. The part number for replacement cartridges is HP 701. 1. Press the Access Cartridge button on the control panel. ¢ Access Cartridge The cartridge carrier moves to the install position.

  • Page 43

    Replace the print cartridge Push the cartridge down and remove it. 4. Take out a new cartridge from its packaging and carefully remove the tape covering the printhead. Hold the cartridge by the colored top or black areas only. Do not touch the copper area.

  • Page 44: Clear Jammed Documents And Paper

    Clear jammed documents and paper Document jams during transmission If a document jams during transmission or copying, appears in the display. DO NOT pull the document out of the slot. Doing so could harm your machine. To clear document jam: 1.

  • Page 45: If The Paper Is Jammed In The Paper Feed Area

    Maintain the print cartridge If the paper is jammed 1. Remove the jammed paper as shown. If the paper tears when it is being removed check to ensure that no small pieces have been left inside the machine. Reload new paper with the print side facing toward you. Press Cancel when finished.

  • Page 46: Clean The Cartridge Carrier Contacts

    2. Open the control panel and cartridge compartment cover and remove the cartridge. See Replace the print cartridge on page 39. 3. Gently blot and wipe the contacts dry. • Use a clean cloth dampened with water to gently clean the entire copper- colored contacts.

  • Page 47: Clean The Document Scanner Area

    To keep your machine working properly, occasionally clean the white roller, document feeder rubber piece, and the scanning glass. If they are dirty, documents sent to another fax machine will not be clear. CAUTION: When you turn the power off to clean the scanner, documents stored in memory will be lost.

  • Page 48: Adjust The Scanner

    Wipe the white roller surface with a soft cloth dampened with water. Clean the document feeder rubber piece at the back of the control panel. Carefully wipe the scanning glass with a soft, dry, tint free cloth. • If the glass is very dirty, first wipe it with a slightly dampened cloth, then with a dry one.

  • Page 49: Lcd Error Messages

    LCD error messages LCD error messages These are the error message that may display along with solutions for you. Display Adjust scanner in TOOLS menu Check white paper document and try again Clean white roller, glass Duplicated with [Speed No.xx] Exceeded Memory Exceeded...

  • Page 50

    (continued) Display Status/Solution Memory has become full while scanning a document. Press OK Memory Full to send or copy the scanned pages only. To cancel the job press Press OK to continue Cancel and try again when memory becomes available, or split the new document into smaller parts.

  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    Use Hewlett-Packard "_ TIP: (For U.S. only) You can test your HP Fax to make sure it is set up properly for faxing. Place a document in the document feeder, dial 1-888 HP FAX ME (1-888-473-2963) wilt receive a "Fax Back System Test" page, confirming your product is working correctly.

  • Page 52

    There are lines o ncopies ordocuments Check your scan g lass formarks and clean i t(see C lean t he you send. The machine dials a number, but fails to The remote fax machine may b eturned off o runable toanswer make aconnection with aremote fax machine,...

  • Page 53: Print Quality Problems

    Troubleshooting (continued) Problem You c annot store a document memory. Blank areas appear atthe bottom o f each p age o roncontinuation pages, proper paper size, see Paper Size onpage 1 3. with only a small strip o fmaterial printed atthe top.

  • Page 54: Paper Feeding Problems

    Paper feeding problems Problem Paper is jammed during printing. Paper sticks together. Paper fails to feed. Multiple sheets of paper feed. Paper skews or buckles in the paper tray. Solution Clear paper jam as described in Paper jams during page 41. •...

  • Page 55: Specifications And Regulatory Information

    This chapter contains product and supplies specifications, regulatory statements. Paper types and sizes The HP Fax is designed to work optimally with plain cotton bond paper. The following paper sizes and weight can be used with your machine: Paper size...

  • Page 56: Print Cartridge

    Print cartridge The HP Fax uses the following HP 701 black inkjet print cartridge CC635A Product specifications The specifications Item Type of unit Communication System Compatibility Compression scheme Modem speed Scanning method Input document size Effective scanning width Effective recording width...

  • Page 57

    Super Fine/Photo: 600 x 300 dpi Faxing Standard: 100 x 200 dpi Fine: 200 x 200 dpi Super Fine: 400 x 200 dpi 64 levels 2.5 Mbytes (capable of 200 pages at ITU#1 test chart) 4% coverage on A4) HP 701 (17ml) (CC635A)

  • Page 58: A Sample Of Itu #1 Test Chart (reduced To 60.5%)

    A sample of ITU #1 test chart Ref. 3501PJC/EAC P.N. Cundall Mining Surveys Holroyd Road, Reading_ Rerks. Dear Pete, Permit facsimile subject Copy. photocell used modulate over radio which device. This transmitting document Probably Asample ofITU #1test c hart (reduced (reduced ®...

  • Page 59: Environmental Product Stewardship Program

    Customers without Internet access should contact their local HP Customer Care Center. Recycling program HP offers an increasing number of product return and recycling programs in many countries, as well as partnering with some of the largest electronic recycling centers throughout also conserves resources by refurbishing This HP product contains the following materials that may require special handling at end-of-life: •...

  • Page 60: Regulatory Notices

    US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. telephone company. The HP 2140 Fax series is provided with a RJ11C connector for connecting this product to the telephone network. An additional RJ 11C connector is provided for connecting an additional device to the telephone network from the HP 2140 Fax series.

  • Page 61

    Hewlett-Packard interference and void the FCC authorization Specifications and regulatory information when c onnecting will h elp p rotect the HP 2140 F ax s eries and the telephone surges onthe AC powerline. forfacsimile (FAX) equipment Protection...

  • Page 62: Use Hewtett-packard Support Services

    Use Hewlett-Packard support services If you are unable to find the answer you need in the printed documentation product or on the web, you can contact your HP dealer or call the support phone number for your country/region for help.

  • Page 63

    Malaysia Mauritius +32 070 300 005 0,174€ M6xico(Ciudad M6xico +32 070 300 004 0,174€ Maroc 55-11-4004-7751 Nededand 0-800-709-7761 New Zealand 1-(800)-474-6836 (1-800 hp invent) Nigeria Norge 800-360-999 1068687980 Panama 800-810-3888 Paraguay 571-606-9191 PerQ 01-8000-51-4746-8368 Philippines 0-800-011-1046 Polska 810 222 222...

  • Page 64: Declaration Of Conformity

    Extended Printing Solutions (EPS) 61 Alexandra Terrace #08-01 Harbour Link Singapore 119936 and Model: HP 2140 Fax series Number: SNPRG-0802 Product Specifications and Regulations: No. 60950-1-03, First Edition. + A-2 + A-3 standard (issue 9) with part 15 of the Rules.

  • Page 65: Hewlett-packard Limited Warranty Statement

    IN THIS WARRANTY EXCLUDE, RESTRICT, APPLICABLE TO THE SALE OF THE HP PRODUCTS Dear Customer, You will find below the name and address of the HP entity responsible country. You may have additiona! in any way affected by this HP Limited Ireland:...

  • Page 66: Index

    Index Access Cartridge button alarm sounds align cartridge menu answer ring pattern detection answer/receive mode arrow buttons Auto Journal menu auto reduction menu automatic fax redial block junk faxes broadcasting menu broadcasting faxes buttons Access Cartridge Back Cancel control panel Copy Favorites Loudspeaker...

  • Page 67

    35 HP Fax parts of 9 HP support image TCR menu ink cartridge maintenance part number 38, 53 replacing ink level cartridge ITU #1 chart jams clearing paper document paper journal junk fax blocking report junk faxes...

  • Page 68

    setbroadcasting menu 14 set d elayed fax menu 14 set f axforward menu 15 set j unk faxno menu 14 setpolling send menu 14 setting date and time33 setting faxnumber 34 silent mode daily 34 daily s chedule 13 menu 13 sounds alarm 33 keys 34...

  • Page 69

    © 2009 HewJett-Packard DeveJopment Company, L.P. Printed in Korea Illll !1 IJll Uli I!!1 Iitli Ii!11 CM721-90001 i n v e n t...

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