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Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual page 57

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Wear protective clothing. Severe internal
injuries can occur if water is forced into body
cavities as a result of falling into water or
being near the jet thrust nozzle. Normal
swimwear does not adequately protect
against forceful water entry into rectum or
vagina. Operator must wear a wetsuit bot-
tom or clothing that provides equivalent pro-
Such clothing includes thick, tightly
woven, sturdy and snug-fitting apparel such
as denim, but does not include spandex or
similar fabrics, like those used in bicycle
shorts. A full wetsuit can also protect against
hypothermia (subnormal body temperature)
and abrasions.
Footwear and gloves are recommended.
Eye protection is recommended to keep
wind, water, and glare from the sun out of
your eyes while you operate your watercraft.
Restraining straps for eyewear are made
which are designed to float should your eye-
wear fall in the water.
You should grip the handlebars firmly and
get to a standing or kneeling position
quickly. Keep both feet or knees on the
riding tray when the watercraft is in motion.
Do not apply throttle when others are
at rear of watercraft—turn engine off or
keep engine at idle. Water and/or
debris exiting jet thrust nozzle can
cause severe injury.
Avoid forceful jet thrust and limited
visibility while reboarding. Get to
standing or kneeling position quickly,
but do not expose yourself to forceful
jet thrust.

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Table of Contents

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