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Operating Your Watercraft; Getting To Know Your Watercraft; Learning To Operate Your Watercraft - Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual

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Operating your watercraft

Getting to know your
Operating your watercraft requires skills
acquired through practice over a period of
time. Take the time to learn the basic tech-
niques well before attempting more difficult
Operating your new watercraft can be a
very enjoyable activity, providing you with
hours of pleasure. However, it is essential to
familiarize yourself with the operation of the
watercraft to achieve the skill necessary to
enjoy riding safely. Before operating this
watercraft, read this Owner's/Operator's
Manual, the Riding Practice Guide, the
Riding Instruction card and all warning and
caution labels on the watercraft. Pay particu-
lar attention to the safety information on
pages 1-6 to 1-12. Also, watch the Basic
Orientation Video provided with your water-
craft. These materials should give you an
understanding of the watercraft and its oper-
Remember: This watercraft is designed to
carry the operator only. Never have more
than one person on the watercraft at any
Learning to operate your
Before operating, always perform the
pre-operation checks listed on page 3-5.
The short time spent checking the watercraft
will reward you with added safety and reli-
Check state and local laws before operat-
ing your watercraft.
Operate defensively at safe speeds and
keep a safe distance away from people,
objects and other watercraft. Select a wide
area to learn in, where you have good visi-
bility and light boat traffic.
Use the buddy system—operate with
someone nearby. Scan constantly for peo-
ple, objects and other watercraft. Be alert for
conditions that limit your visibility or block
your vision of others.
Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard)
to your wrist and keep it free from the han-
dlebars so that the engine stops if the opera-
tor falls off.
Wear a personal flotation device (PFD).
All riders must wear a Coast Guard
approved PFD that is approved by the
appropriate authorities and suitable for per-
sonal watercraft use.


Table of Contents

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