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Yamaha SUPERJET 700 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual page 69

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Table of Contents
Do not run the engine at full throttle or
for more than 15 seconds on land, other-
wise the engine may overheat and seize.
7. If the watercraft will be stored for a week
or more, lubricate internal engine com-
ponents to help prevent corrosion. (See
page 4-3 for lubrication procedures.)
8. Rinse the engine and engine compart-
ment with a small amount of water.
Do not use high pressure when rinsing
the engine or engine compartment as
severe damage could result.
9. Wipe the engine and engine compart-
ment dry with a clean cloth (repeat
step 3, if necessary).
10. Wipe the hull, steering pole, handlebars,
and jet unit dry with a clean cloth.
11. Spray a rust inhibitor on metallic parts to
minimize corrosion.
12. Allow the engine compartment to air dry
completely before reinstalling the hood.

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Table of Contents

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